15.03.2022 | The prosecutor's act became a key one for about 440 people. The RA Prosecutor's Office summed up the results of the activities of 2021

An extended session of the collegium chaired by the RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan was held at the RA Prosecutor General's Office. During the meeting, the results of the activities of 2021 of the criminal prosecution bodies and the implementation of prosecutorial functions in the fight against crime were summed up.


Deputies of the Prosecutor General in their areas of activity presented the general state of crime over the past year - trends, the impact of prosecutorial influence within the framework of countering crimes, identifying and eliminating the causes contributing to this, achievements and problems.


It is registered that in the course of 2021, 30.245 crimes were registered in Armenia, which is 3777 or 14․3% more than the previous year. An increase in cases of all types of crimes was registered, except for crimes against a person and state power, service and management.


At the same time, the detection of crimes was improved by 2% amounting to 57.7% compared to 55․7% in 2020.


It is disturbing that 20% increase was registered in homicides and a 17.9% increase in attempted murders. Separate especially grave crimes were committed by persons in respect of whom, on the basis of reasonable suspicion of committing previously committed crimes, the courts issued decisions to refuse to satisfy petitions for choosing a measure of restraint in the form of detention.


The RA Prosecutor General noted that all resources should be invested in the fight against crimes of this nature, and in order to quickly identify their causes and circumstances, as well as to constantly control criminal elements, prosecutors should show great initiative.


Artur Davtyan noted that this direction remains a top priority. Regional divisions of the Prosecutor's Office should expand the range of studies of the protection of public interests, and in the event of detection of each case of a criminal offense, it is imperative to seek to neutralize the circumstances and causes that contributed to them.


At the meeting of the collegium, it was recorded that prosecutors, in the exercise of their constitutional powers in 2021, issued an unprecedented number of prosecutorial acts - about 9000, which indicates the growing role of prosecutors in criminal proceedings.


The RA Prosecutor General noted that, despite the almost two-fold increase in the number of prosecutorial acts, it cannot be considered sufficient, in connection with this, the dynamic growth of the initiative should be continued.


At the meeting of the board, the divisions of the Prosecutor's Office were instructed to significantly intensify contacts with citizens and participants in the trial, primarily by increasing the number of receptions organized by prosecutors.


This not only aims to increase the credibility of the system through public relations, but also helps prosecutors obtain additional information in specific situations, give prosecutors an objective view of certain realities and circumstances, and have an inner conviction before making court decisions.