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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

10.03.2022 | Civil servants are becoming more consistent in identifying manifestations of bribes given to them by citizens. The Prosecutors Office warns again

Under the procedural guidance and supervision of prosecutors of the Department for Supervision over the Legality of Criminal Proceedings in the Anti-Corruption Committee of the Prosecutor General 's Office of the Republic of Armenia are investigated criminal cases based on reports provided by representatives of various state bodies related to the giving of bribes by citizens to officials to perform actions in their favor.


In particular, based on the message received from the employee of Martuni Regional Center of the United Social Service of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, by the preliminary investigation of the criminal case initiated by the Anti-Corruption Committee of the Republic of Armenia on February 21, 2022, it was substantiated that the employee of Martuni Regional Center of the said service as a result of regular documentation carried out in July, terminated the right of the resident of the village of Tsovinar, Martuni community, Gegharkunik region, A.D. to receive benefits.


In the subsequent period, the latter repeatedly applied to the regional center with a demand to restore the right to receive benefits. Once again on February 7, 2022 at about 11:00 am, the latter went to the mentioned center to meet with the head of the department and to restore the right to receive benefits, A.D. pulled out of the jacket pocket and gave him a bribe in the amount of 50.000 AMD, putting it under the papers on the table in the office, and then left.


Then, by the request of the head of the department, the citizen was called back, offered to take the money as a bribe, after which she left.


The resident of Tsovinar community was charged with the commission of the said criminal act under Part 1 of Article 312 of the RA Criminal Code.


The preliminary investigation is completed, the prosecutor approved the indictment and sent the criminal case to the Court of General Jurisdiction of Gegharkunik region of the Republic of Armenia for consideration on the merits.


In another case, by the criminal case initiated on the basis of materials prepared by senior investigator of the Investigation Department of the administrative districts of Ajapnyak and Davtashen of IDYC of the RA IC, on the basis of a report to the Anti-Corruption Committee of the RA, it was substantiated that the person submitted a report about the theft of a Mercedes-Benz car. At the same time, in order for the investigator to act in his favor as soon as possible, he gave him 200 US dollars, placing the envelope on the investigator's desk. However, at the request of the latter, he took the money and left the office. After about 5 minutes V.G. again went into the office, put the money in an envelope on the table and left, ignoring the demands of the investigator to return. Immediately after that, the latter submitted a report on the incident to the head of the investigation department.


On March 3, 2022 V.G. was charged under Part 1 of Article 312 of the RA Criminal Code. He pleaded himself guilty.


The indictment was approved by the supervising prosecutor of the said criminal case, and the criminal case was sent to the court of first instance for consideration on the merits.


Earlier, the RA Prosecutor General's Office reported that a number of criminal cases had been initiated in connection with numerous cases of bribery.


We urge all citizens to refrain from trying to bribe public officials in any form and in any way, in order to take action to solve their problems in the desired way.


These actions are criminal and inevitably entail criminal liability.