01.03.2022 | Crimes have decreased in the Armed Forces, but many issues are not solved: Artur Davtyan gave strict instructions

Artur Davtyan, the RA Prosecutor General, held a meeting at the RA Military Prosecutor's Office on the fight against crime in the Armed Forces during 2021, on the outcomes of  the investigations of war-related criminal cases in 2020, as well as the results of the annual activities of the RA Military Prosecutor's Office and garrison military prosecutor's offices. Representatives of the RA Ministry of Defense, Military Police and National Security Service took part in the meeting.


Gurgen Nersisyan, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Artsakh also was invited by the RA Prosecutor General and took part in the discussion. Artur Davtyan informed that many circumstances related to the Artsakh war intersect with the criminal cases under investigation in the competent bodies of the Republic of Armenia in 2020, thus exchange of information on them and joint discussions should be provided.


Vahe Harutyunyan, the RA Military Prosecutor, the RA Deputy Prosecutor General reported that 2072 cases of crime were recorded in the military units. Compared with the previous year 2020, crimes in the Armed Forces decreased by 944 cases or 31.2%. Besides, particularly grave crimes decreased by 34.8%, grave crimes - by 74.39%. The number of crimes of this nature remained high due to the fact that the martial law regime was maintained in 2021 and ceasefire violations by the enemy were much more.


10 criminal cases out of these cases were internal killings in the Armed Forces, 40 were attempted murders by the enemy, 11 were during the martial law against the leading serviceman, and 10 were against the subordinate, and 280 cases for voluntary leaving the military unit or place of service during martial law, 11 cases for violation of the territorial integrity of the state by the enemy, etc.


During 2021 42 servicemen died in connection with the service (46 servicemen in 2020), 19 of which were due to the violation of the ceasefire regime by the enemy.


The RA Prosecutor General noted that there are some results in the struggle against the relations related with criminal subculture in the Armed Forces, but the problem still exists. He instructed the prosecutors to investigate such cases thoroughly and submit petitions to the competent body.


The same demand was made by the RA Prosecutor General in connection with the discovered cases of corruption crimes in the Armed Forces, taking into account that the military units of the RA Armed Forces and other troops. Out of the cases of corruption crimes recorded in 2021, 192 criminal cases were initiated, 12 of which were terminated on unjustified grounds, 6 criminal cases against 14 persons were sent to court with indictments, and some of them are being investigated. He has considered unacceptable the ongoing corruption in the army especially after the war.


During the meeting, it was especially attached upon the circumstances of the investigations of 2020 war unleashed against Artsakh by Azerbaijan with the support of Turkey.


The Prosecutor General also made specific demands regarding the large-scale criminal cases on war crimes committed by the military and political leadership of Azerbaijan, the Armed Forces, and the war crimes. He found that the RA competent bodies needed to strengthen their cases with undeniable evidence. Although some high-ranking Azerbaijani officials have already been prosecutes, their number will be expanded. He instructed also to speed up this process.


The RA Prosecutor General spoke about the clashes on the front line after the disastrous war of 2020 which was resulted by the violation of the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia by the Azerbaijani soldiers, as well as the criminal cases related to the captivity of the servicemen of the RA Armed Forces. He noted that the issue of criminal prosecution of any serviceman captured or prosecuted should be resolved solely on the basis of the criminal procedures, including all servicemen involved in the combat mission, commanding staff, in the interest of honesty and justice.


He also noted that in the near future he was going to initiate a number of meetings with the RA Minister of Defense, both on the systemic problems in connection with the conscripts, and the studies conducted by the prosecutors of the garrison prosecutor's offices in the framework of criminal proceedings, furnishing, and fulfillment of necessary engineering works.