01.03.2022 | Battalion commander is charged for inaction of the government, resulting loss of servicemen, for leaving the battlefield voluntarily: the case was sent to court

It was grounded by sufficient evidence obtained during the investigation of the criminal case related to the Artsakh war according to which the commander of the recruit servicemen battalion of the military unit N of the Defense Army, Major I. V., being the direct leader of the officers of the same subdivision, on 10 October 2020 at around 12:00 o’clock showed inactivity on Mount Khurhat, near Hadrut town of the Republic of Artsakh. Particularly, he did not fulfill his responsibilities envisaged by the RA Armed Forces Internal Service Code, the Charter the RA Armed Forces which carelessly caused serious consequences, namely, a number of servicemen of the Battalion N of the military unit were killed, disappeared, as well as received various bodily injuries.


Besides, I. V., on October 10, 2020, at around 12:00 o’clock, during the battle on Khurhat mountain, voluntarily left the combat positions of the above-mentioned area.


On 21.02. 2022, I. V. was charged under Article 375, Part 4 and Article 380, Part 1 of the RA Criminal Code.


The criminal case was sent to the supervising prosecutor on 25.02.2022 with an indictment to be confirmed and sent to court.


On February 28, 2022, the prosecutor supervising the legality of the pre-trial proceedings made a decision to confirm the indictment and, on the same day the criminal case was sent to the First Instance Court of General Jurisdiction of Syunik Region.