28.02.2022 | Two people wanted will be extradited from RF to Armenia

In the result of close cooperation between the General Prosecutor's Offices of the Republic of Armenia and the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation during February of 2022 legal basis were established for the extradition of two wanted RA citizens to Armenia involved in various criminal cases as defendants.


In particular, the RF Prosecutor’s Office granted the motions of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Armenia on 07.02.2022 on extraditing A. G. and on 15.02.2022, H. A wanted by the RA law enforcement bodies.


The first person was wanted for giving bribe and the second for attempted robbery using computer technology.


The Police was instructed to provide the latters’ transportation after the extradition decision entered into legal force.


During 2021, 21 motions were submitted to the Russian side by the General Prosecutor’s Office, out of which 14 motions have already been granted.