24.02.2022 | Large number of illegally maintained weapons and ammunition, as well as narcotic drugs were found in Lori Region; a number of people were arrested and detained


The General Department of Criminal Investigation of the RA Police and the subdivisions of Lori Regional Department undertook systematic, fast and effective operative-investigative measures in different settlements of the Lori Region during 2022 and on February 24, 2022, the apartments of 42 people with criminal behavior were searched, in the result of which narcotic drugs, blade weapons, firearms and ammunition were found.


In particular, MN-654k, Makarov, "Makarov", "Matit" types of pistols without serial number, a grenade launcher, grenade launchers, explosives of grenade, ammunition of different calibers, as well as narcotic drugs of different weights, substances similar to narcotic drugs Lorazepam tablets were found in the apartments searched.


Besides, from February 10 to February 22, 2022, 4 people were detained on suspicion of illegal possession of weapons and ammunition.


One of them was found with an AKM pistol, 21 factory production bullets, marijuana, morphine and Pregabalin psychotropic substances.


The second person kept with him a "PM" 9 mm caliber pistol with his 2 cartridges, bullets of factory production pistols of "PM", "APS" type and other weapons.


“TT” pistol with its cartridge case was found with the third person, TT, PPSH-41, PPC-43 pistol machine-guns and corresponding cartridges, and homemade drum pistol and bullets were found with the fourth person.


Detention has already been chosen as a preventive measure against 2 of the above-mentioned 4 detained persons, 1 of them has been arrested. Measures are being undertaken to address the issue of prosecuting others.


Activities aimed at discovering illegal weapons and ammunition will be ongoing.


Citizens are advised to report about any such cases to the Police to avoid criminal liability.