24.02.2022 | Outcomes of the activities of 2021 of the Prosecutor’s Office of Shirak Region have been summarized

The RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan visited Gyumri. He held a meeting with the heads of the regional subdivisions of the law enforcement bodies and the prosecutors of the Prosecutor's Office of Shirak Region in order to discuss the outcomes of the work of the Prosecutor's Office of the Region in the fight against crime in the region. Gurgen Nersisyan, the Prosecutor General of Artsakh Republic as well as Nazeli Baghdasaryan, the Marzpet of the RA Shirak Region also took part in the meeting.


Gurgen Grigoryan, the Prosecutor of Shirak Region reported that 1324 cases of crimes were registered during 2021 in the region during the year, which is more with 65 or 5.2% than in the previous year. In parallel, the detection of crime rate increased with 6.5 percentage and become 67.7%.


The cases of particularly serious crimes have decreased with 50%, moreover, the index of detection of crimes of this nature has significantly improved in 2020, became 77.8% instead of 53.3%. There have been 5 cases of murder and 2 cases attempted murder registered in the region.


Serious crimes decreased with 16.9% and crimes of medium gravity increased with 8.5%.


The number of thefts decreased with 15.9%, in addition burglary decreased significantly with 43.1%.


229 cases of bodily injuries were recorded in the result of traffic and transportation accidents, in the result of which 316 people received bodily injuries of various degrees. In the result twenty out of them died. Traffic rules violations with fatalities increased with 62.5%. The latter is conditioned with not undertaking effective preventive measures, as well as the circumstances of intentionally violating the rules of traffic.


In general, in order to eliminate the causes of crimes 61 petitions were submitted to the competent bodies in 2021 in the result of which the control of the police was strengthened in certain directions, the officials who couldn’t do their work properly were subjected to disciplinary responsibility.


In addition, 158 written instructions were given by the prosecutors of the Prosecutor's Office of Region in 2021 regarding 104 criminal cases, and 43 instructions were given to the bodies of investigation in order to carry out operative-investigative measures, to ensure close cooperation with the preliminary investigation body.


During 2021, 42 criminal cases were initiated by the prosecutors of the Regional Prosecutor's Office, 4 of which were in the result of the discussion of the appeal. Prosecutors made 5 decisions on terminating the measure of restraint against persons, 2 on abolishing the decision on suspending the criminal case, 7 on revoking the decision on terminating the criminal case, and 8 on removing the participant from the criminal trial. According to the indictments approved by the prosecutors, 243 criminal cases against 309 people were sent to court, which is more with 15% compared with 2020.


The outcomes of the studies carried out by the Regional Prosecutor's Office in the frame of state interests protection were also discussed during the meeting. During 2021 324 studies were conducted by the prosecutors of the Prosecutor's Office of the Region. The studies focused on state protection of public property, privatization, taxes, education and science, healthcare, territorial administration, activities local self-government, protection of historical and cultural monuments, transport, communication, energy, licensing of business activities and other areas.


Artur Davtyan instructed to give importance the process of recovering the damage caused to the state.