21.02.2022 | 138 criminal cases, 136 million AMD damage caused in 2021 by using personal data online

The Department of Crimes against Property of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia has studied criminal cases of embezzlement of citizens using their personal data for embezzlement from banks and loan organizations by means of online loans.


It was found out in the course of investigation that the crimes of this nature, as a rule, were committed with specific criminal scheme. In particular, criminals have created accounts with different names on different social networks, mostly on “facebook.com”, had correspondence with different people registered on the same sites. helped the identify under the pretext of providing bonuses, received their mobile phone numbers, codes received from "Idram" payment system, instructed the mentioned persons in the process of identifying "Idram" wallets. Then, having the data of the "identified e-wallets" changed the mobile phone numbers attached to the wallets attaching to them the telephone numbers registered in his name and used by him transferred to the contract wallets registered and managed by him, which he transferred to the gaming accounts used by him registered in the bookmaker websites in his name. Then, through wallets, they entered into credit agreements online in different banks in the name of different people.


In some cases, criminals used the passport data of individuals without their knowledge, embezzled loans affirmed online in their name, stole the money, transferred it to the gaming accounts used by them on the bookmakers' websites or for other people's names, or simply cashed it.


138 criminal cases were initiated under the Articles 181 and 178 of the RA Criminal Code, 33 people were involved as defendants.


Regarding 12 criminal cases out of the investigated cases, the proceedings were suspended on the grounds of not finding the person who committed the crime or due to hiding from investigation.


16 cases examined against 22 people were sent to court with indictment in 2021, and the court examination is underway.


The preliminary investigation of the remaining criminal cases are underway.


The damage of caused in the result of these criminal cases counted only during 2021 accounted 136 million AMD, out of which over 10 million AMD was recovered.


The study shows that the number of such cases is becoming more and more. The increase is mainly due to the lack of awareness of people, the application of electronic money systems, insufficient knowledge of the rules of the application of electronic money systems, unfounded trust in criminals, in general, the lack of knowledge of information security and personal data protection of citizens using Internet networks.


Parallel to it, the possibility of online banking (loan formulation, money transfer and etc.) expanded recently, while their protection and banking supervision mechanisms have not been adequately improved. In the result, insufficient protection of electronic payment systems, lack of adequate banking supervision mechanisms reduce the effectiveness of crime prevention.


Taking into account the above-mentioned circumstances, the RA Prosecutor's Office once again urges the citizens to refrain from unverified persons, pages, payment system registration accounts, mobile phone numbers, passports, passports, other personal reasons from accepting offers.


In case of having suspicion criminal trap, please contact law enforcement bodies as soon as possible.