16.02.2022 | Artur Davtyan held a meeting at the Prosecutor’s Office of Kentron and Nork Marash

The RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan together with the prosecutors of the Prosecutor's Office of Kentron and Nork Marash Administrative Districts of Yerevan, the Prosecutor of Yerevan City - Sevak Hovhannisyan, with the participation of the heads of other law enforcement agencies serving the mentioned areas, summarized the outcomes of the 2021 activities.  


Petros Martirosyan, the Prosecutor of Kentron and Nork Marash Administrative Districts, presented the results of the work done in all areas of the prosecutor's office. It was recorded that 3834 cases of crime were registered in 2021 at the mentioned administrative districts, with 271 or 7.6% more than in 2020, and the disclosure was 32.7% instead of 30.4% in 2020.  


6140 criminal cases were processed by the prosecutors of the administrative districts during 2021, which is more with 44% than in the previous year. In other words each prosecutor in the prosecutor's office has supervised over more than 400 criminal cases, 400 materials, so they were loaded with work.


In particular, 123 decisions were overturned by the prosecutors, proceedings were terminated almost three times more than in 2020, in 9 criminal cases the decisions on choosing detention as a measure of restraint against 9 persons were abolished.


611 instructions were given to the investigators (instead of 225 in previous year) to ensure the efficiency and completeness of the investigation of criminal cases by the prosecutors of the administrative districts in 2021.


Besides, 17 charges were not affirmed and were sent for further investigation (4 such cases were reported in 2020). In the end, 13 of these cases were completed with an indictment, and were sent to court, 2 were terminated, and the preliminary investigation of 2 criminal cases is underway.


39 motions were brought in regard with conducting the preliminary investigation. The motions were conditioned for violation of the requirements of personal search, the right of defense of the accused, the terms of preliminary investigation and detention, comprehensive, full, objective investigation of the case, etc.


In the result of such a follow-up prosecutorial control, 403 cases were sent to court with indictments, which is more with 173 or 75% compared with 2020. Moreover, the prosecutors of the mentioned administrative districts defended the accusation in court against 161 people in 151 cases, which is more with about 24% than in 2020.


The RA Prosecutor General gave specific instructions, particularly, to be more sensitive to citizens’ complaints, issues raised.


In general, 59 motions and reports were submitted by the prosecutors of the administrative district in 2021 which is more with 55% compared with 2020.