16.02.2022 | The RA Prosecutor General 's Office prevented the deportation of the RA citizen from Russia to Azerbaijan and he returned to Armenia

As a result of cooperation between the Prosecutor General 's Offices of Armenia and Russia, deportation by mistake of тхе RA citizen to Azerbaijan was prevented, since he was born in this republic.


Given the fact that the person committed an administrative offense on the territory of the Russian Federation, the court ruled on administrative liability and administrative deportation from the territory of the Russian Federation.


When presenting the data of the person in the introductory part of the decision of the relevant court of the Russian Federation on administrative responsibility and administrative deportation, the court, by misunderstanding, indicated that the person is a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which created a real threat of his deportation to Azerbaijan.


Despite the process of deportation, the RA Prosecutor General's Office immediately took measures to suspend the process, involved the Russian Prosecutor General's Office and the RA state authorized bodies in solving the problem.


With the assistance of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation, the problem was brought to the attention of the court, which adopted the above decision, which, in a short time, corrected the inaccuracy with the appropriate additional decision. The citizen was returned to Armenia.