14.02.2022 | 94 real estates, 23 movable property of illegal origin with the amount of 27.7 billion AMD has been detected in the result of the completed studies of confiscation of illegal property in 2021

The RA Prosecutor General’s Office summed up the outcomes of the activities of 2021 in the field of confiscation of property of illegal origin.


According to studies the properties belonging to 276 people is being studies at the Department for Confiscation of Property of Illicit Origin of the RA Prosecutor General's Office in 2020-2021.


In particular, nearly 2,500 requests were sent to the state and local self-government bodies, a number of other bodies and organizations in order to obtain necessary evidence, to carry out proper studies, 171 instructions were given to carry out operative-investigative measures. Based on the received answers, economic calculations, expenses and the property acquired and legal analyzes were compared.


Within a number of studies about 90 applications have been submitted to the court in order to receive information on bank, credit, insurance, trade and/or notarial secrecy. Most of them are completely met. 19 decisions on appointment of forensic examination in the frame of 15 proceedings were made by the prosecutors of the department to find out the market values ​​of 205 properties. Conclusions on 10 of them have already been made. Additional specialists skilled in the field of forensic science were involved in order to find out the market values ​​of 41 properties, the outcomes of which were also obtained.


Within 14 studies, 16 applications for preliminary provision were submitted to the court, which were granted by the court, and the property of the relevant persons was seized. There are 40 enforcement proceedings initiated within the framework of the granted motions for the application of preliminary security measures.


Regarding more than 10 other cases which are being finalized in the near future, applications for preliminary security of the lawsuit will also be submitted to the court.


In the scope of 94 cases already completed investigations of alleged illegal origin - 23 movable property, shares in 23 companies, as well as a total amount of 27.717.123.932 AMD.


All those interested in the materials of the above-mentioned studies have been notified through the "Azdarar" online platform of official announcements.


During 2021, 3 lawsuits for confiscation of illegal property were initiated and 5.911.848.300 AMD is subject to confiscation, 25 properties, with the average market values ​​of 13.046.765.353 AMD. The submitted lawsuits were accepted for proceedings, regarding one out of them court examination was initiated. (Another lawsuit was accepted for proceeding by the court in 2022).


International requests have also been sent regarding dozen cases under investigation.


Investigations are underway in a number of cases, and information on their current outcomes will be provided on a regular basis.