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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

09.02.2022 | Illegal deforestation and damages caused decreased in Lori Region in 2021: the outcomes of preventive and punitive policy

Positive outcomes are provided by means of struggle against illegal forest logging by the Prosecutor's Office and other law enforcement bodies of Lori Region in 2021.


In particular, 130 criminal cases were initiated by the competent bodies in the region during the mentioned period, and 29 criminal cases were sent to court with indictments against 31 persons, which is more with 10% than in 2020.


14 persons were sentenced to imprisonment, out of which probation was not applied against 10 persons, 16 were fined, and the criminal prosecution of one person was terminated on the ground of active repentance.


In the result of preventive, control measures, as well as the strict punitive policy pursued by the Prosecutor's Office, the number of illegally cut trees has significantly decreased, as well as the damage caused to the state. In particular, if 3939 illegally cut trees were registered in 2020, 2187 trees were cut in 2021, or 44% less. If the damage caused to the state by illegal logging in 2020 amounted to a total of 457.085.634 AMD, out which 1.949.670 AMD or 0.4% was recovered compared with 2021. The damage caused amounted to 193.074.160 AMD (about 2.4 times less compared with 2020), of which 29.745.000 AMD or 15.4% was recovered. The Prosecutor's Office undertakes a proper legal process of confiscation from the accused.


During 2021, 54 criminal cases were initiated under different parts of Article 315 of the RA Criminal Code (official negligence). 22 criminal cases against 34 officials were sent to court. In order cover the damage caused to the state, the properties belonging to the officials involved as defendants were seized. For comparison, it is worth mentioning that 7 criminal cases were initiated with the mentioned crime in 2020, 1 criminal case against 1 person was sent to the court.


In 2021, 50 petitions were addressed to the acting director of "Hayantar" SNCO, to the directors of different branches of the SNCO from the Prosecutor's Office of the Region to take measures to address the shortcomings in the work of the responsible employees.


The Deputy Head of the Branch of the Forestry was fired, 4 foresters from different branches, 7 foresters from different guard divisions. 20 foresters and 9 heads of forests were subjected to various disciplinary sanctions. Many petitions are still underway.


In result petitions were addressed to the Deputy Head of the RA Police.


Attention was paid to the fact that in suspended criminal cases 1263 cases of illegal tree cutting were registered and they are still in process, the damage of which amounted to 92.5 million AMD.