08.02.2022 | The message on the crime was not accepted by the police in the prescribed manner. Petition to the police and appeal to the public

Based on the factual data received in the NSS of the RA, during the preliminary investigation of the criminal case initiated by the SIS of the RA, based on the materials sent by the police to the SIS of the RA, it was substantiated that a resident of the town of Berd K.M. having discovered the fact of the theft of several items by an unknown person, including the theft of a hunting rifle registered in his name, headed to Tavush Division of the RA police immediately with a view to report on the crime, and met with the Head of the Division G.D. The latter instructed the deputy of operational communications officer to take measures to identify the hunting rifle and locate the person who committed the crime.


However, by realizing that after the registration of the case of a crime, there is a high probability of its non-disclosure, so as not to worsen the performance of the division, G.D. and K.M., by abusing their official powers, did not register the specified crime in the division in the prescribed manner. Instead, by the request of the head of the division, the citizen filed a statement that the hunting weapon was not stolen, but lost in the forest to cover up the crime.


During the preliminary investigation, the head of Tavush police division G.D. pleaded himself guilty, testified. Based on the foregoing, the criminal prosecution against him was terminated. He was removed from service.


Meanwhile, the deputy of  thedivision K.M. pleaded himself not guilty. During the preliminary investigation, the investigator decided to temporarily terminate his position.


The criminal case was sent to Tavush Regional Court of First Instance with an indictment against the latter, on the basis of which an indictment was issued. The lawyer then filed an appeal against the court's decision, which was rejected.


In view of the above, the RA Prosecutor General's Office sent a petition to the Deputy Police with a view to eliminate contributing circumstances, reasons, as well as to the Deputy of the Tavush Police Department to discuss the issue of terminating the position of K.M.


The RA Prosecutor’s Office considers it necessary to inform citizens that point 35 of the decision No. 1495-N of November 23, 2009 of the Government of the Republic of Armenia “On determining the procedure for receiving, registering, recording messages on crimes, administrative offenses and accidents by the RA Police” establishes that upon receipt of a report about a crime directly from the applicant, his representative, the competent police officer who received the message is obliged to immediately hand over the receipt-notification to the latter (f. N 4).


And in case of receiving a message about a crime in electronic form, a receipt-notification is sent in electronic form to the person who submitted the message.


Accordingly, we urge citizens, when submitting a message on a crime, to be consistent in the issue of acceptance, registration of messages by police officers and demand from the police officer who received the message an appropriate notification.