28.01.2022 | Artur Davtyan’s congratulatory message on the 30th anniversary of the RA Armed Forces

On behalf of the staff of the Prosecutor’s Office I congratulate you on the 30th anniversary of the creation of the Armenian Army.


National Army is the guarantee of security and continuity of our state, the most important achievements of our people in the process of state formation which became an integral part of our national identity in its heroic way passed.  


As during the first Artsakh war, so during four-day war in 2016 and 44-day war in 2022, many contract soldiers of our army, officers taught lessons of self-sacrifice and heroism, patriotism, human dignity, which evokes deep feelings of pride and humility in the soul of any Armenian, for example, serving as a recruiter fill in the glorious pages of our war history.


The Armenian Army continues to strengthen itself, preserving the fighting spirit of new victories, healing the wounds of the last war, strengthening its effectiveness through necessary reforms.    


National Army as the greatest state value, and it is under the special care of the Prosecutor's Office in terms of internal order, statutory relations and strict observance of the rule of law, fight against crime, and at the same time ensuring a safe, normal environment for military service. The eradication of vicious criminal behavior in the Armed Forces, the fight against corruption, the protection of state interests, the rights of servicemen, the administration of criminal justice, remain for us a full priority in this area as an important component of army building.


I wish the Armenian Army success in all its initiatives aimed at strengthening its military potential with modern technological equipment and effective and structural reforms. I wish our servicemen peaceful service in the peaceful sky.


Eternal memory to all the Armenians fallen for our homeland.


Glory to our heroic Army!