27.01.2022 | False certificates of a member of the Electoral Commission in Lori region. The prosecutor of the region sent a motion to the CEC

According to the preliminary investigation carried out in the Lori Regional Department of the RA Investigative Committee under Article 325, Part 1 of the RA Criminal Code, initiated at the Division of Taron of the RA Police it was founded that the trainer sent by the RA Central Electoral Commission on the basis of a relevant agreement made an official document in which he included false information about the participation of 4 people in his training, filling out a questionnaire and receiving a positive marks. Based on them, the latters received the right to be members of the precinct election commission.


Meanwhile, the preliminary investigation confirmed that the mentioned 4 persons did not take part in the training and tests for qualification, as they were in Yerevan at that period.


According to the letter received from the Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Armenia, the mentioned persons received a qualification certificate to be included in the precinct plectoral commission, but on that basis they were never included in the commission.


The body executing proceedings found that the trainer's actions contained evidence of a falsification of documents, but that action had not serious public danger, in the result it did not cause significant harm to the public or the state, and the individuals were not even included in any precinct election commission.


Besides, any information was not received during the examination that those four persons used the qualification certificate to be included in the electoral commission or for other purposes, as well as on assisting the trainer in falsifying an official document.


Based on this, a decision was made to terminate the proceedings and the prosecution.


However, the preliminary investigation of the criminal case provided that there were obvious shortcomings and omissions in the process of organizing and conducting the above-mentioned training. In particular, the procedure for conducting the training was not observed, the falsification of the document took place.


Based on that, the Prosecutor of Lori Region sent a petition to the Chairman of the RA Central Electoral Commission. Taking into account the exceptional importance of the elections for the state for ensuring the legitimacy of the electoral process, the prosecutor of the region suggested taking necessary measures to implement such an important activity under a special supervision.