21.01.2022 | The prosecutor's office submitted proposals to eliminate abuses in the field of funeral services

Earlier it was reported that as a result of the studies carried out in the prosecutor's office of the city of Yerevan, criminal abuses in the field of land allocation for funeral services were established. In order to eliminate the facilitating causes and conditions, the Yerevan City Prosecutor sent a petition with specific proposals to the Mayor of Yerevan. It was proposed to discuss these issues, given that the population of the city every day faces this issue, and therefore the corruption risks that exist in this area.


In particular, the prosecutor's office proposed to measure the territory of the cemetery by licensed surveyors in order to exclude the practice of land seizure by citizens in the absence of control over the maximum size of cemeteries. This structure will eliminate the risk of allocating a “better” or preferred site to certain individuals as a result of corrupt mechanisms, allocating more space than has been determined.


In addition, according to the study, the Special Service for Population Affairs does not have or does not properly implement control mechanisms to verify the authenticity of documents and documents submitted to NGOs. Based on this, it was proposed to develop a mechanism for verifying the authenticity of documents submitted before issuing a permit for burial in a cemetery, which would exclude the possibility of providing a cemetery by officials of the cemetery through official falsification.


Taking into account that the provision of business services at the cemetery by the head of the cemetery creates favorable conditions for receiving illegal rewards or bribes, it was proposed to the Yerevan Municipality to abolish such authority, while establishing control over the protection of the border carried out by citizens during concreting. In addition, it was proposed to create an electronic platform for the provision of such services, and to charge for services exclusively in electronic form to the account of the NGO.


Given that the situation in the field of funeral services does not change in practice, even in the face of numerous criminal cases and criminal prosecutions against responsible officials, the Prosecutor of Yerevan City raised the issue of discussing the advisability of further holding the position of working dishonest employees.


The prosecutor's office also expressed its readiness to participate in the relevant Works within its competence.


After submitting the petition, the mayor of Yerevan stated. A preliminary discussion of the issues raised has already taken place between the Mayor of Yerevan and the Deputy Prosecutor of the city of Yerevan.