21.01.2022 | House burglaries have decreased in Lori region in the result of preventive measures initiated by the Prosecutor's Office

The conditions and circumstances in connection the effectiveness of the actions undertaken, the prevention of burglary, detection of criminals and bringing to justice during 2021 have been studied and analyzed at the Prosecutor's Office of Lori Region.


129 cases of house burglary were registered in the territory of Lori region during the last year. There were 143 such cases, i. e. it was decreased with 14 cases or 10% during 2020.


Positive dynamics was seen in the detection rates of burglaries, but anyway they are not satisfactory. In particular, if in 2020 the detection of house burglaries was 18.9%, in 2021 it was 19.4%.


The above-mentioned positive tendencies are largely conditioned on the one hand by the consistency shown by the RA Prosecutor's Office on the implementation of complex measures in cooperation with the Police and local self-government bodies.


In particular, during 2021, 76 motions were addressed to the heads of the communities of Lori region by the Prosecutor's office of the region, according to which the settlements and areas were analyzed which could be the main targets for committing crimes in the given communities. It was tasked to take active steps to equip the areas of the respective settlements, the surrounding areas of the apartment buildings, their entrances with cameras, as well as the entrance doors of those buildings with special, coded locks.


Addressed motions were discussed with the participation of the prosecutors, as a result of which a total of 256 video cameras were installed in the areas considered to be vulnerable for theft, such as entrances to apartment buildings, squares, roads to private houses, and other necessary places. In particular, 97 cameras were installed in Vanadzor, 27 in Gugark, 10 in Spitak, 24 in Stepanavan, 51 in Tashir and 47 in Tumanyan. At the same time, in significant number of cases, the installed cameras were very important for the detection of crimes, by examining the videos of which the investigative body formed an idea of ​​the persons who committed crimes and their destinations.


In the frame of the same issue, 171 coded locks were installed on the entrance doors of the apartment buildings in Vanadzor.


During the discussion of the motions, the communities were obliged to continue the work in the mentioned direction, which will contribute to the improvement of the protection of the inviolability of the property of the residents of the communities.


Taking into account the degree of public danger of burglary, the Prosecutor's Office of Lori Region instructed the investigators in the criminal case to ensure an effective investigation, conduct a qualitative examination of the scene, find the characteristics of items stolen by interrogation of persons and find out other possible circumstances.


The Prosecutor of Lori Region addressed a petition to the head of the Lori Regional Department of the RA Police taking into account the results of the activities undertaken in order to carry out proper, comprehensive actions on house burglary, especially to carry out substantive actions aimed at detecting crimes, eliminating causes and conditions of the mentioned crime.