19.01.2022 | Corruption criminal violations in the field of cemetery services. Petition submitted to the Mayor of Yerevan

The Prosecutor's Office of the city of Yerevan has studied the materials of a number of criminal cases on facts of corruption committed in the field of cemetery services and the allocation of land for burial in various cemeteries of the city of Yerevan. As a result of the study, it was found out that after the verification made in 2020, by the working group, created by the order of the mayor of Yerevan, even in the conditions of initiated criminal cases, flagrant violations continue to be recorded at various cemeteries.


In particular, it was found out that a number of cemetery managers, despite the violations recorded during the inspection, were transferred to other cemeteries as managers or were not fired, and continued their criminal activities in the future.


For example, within the framework of the criminal case, it turned out that the cemeteries provided by the “Silikyan” open cemetery exceeded the sizes established by law. During the preliminary investigation, the head of the cemetery compensated the damage caused to the state in the amount of 1.530.000 AMD, but in parallel with the preliminary investigation of the criminal case, he continued to show criminal behavior, and detention was chosen as a measure of restraint against him.


In addition, it has been found out that there are many graves in "open" and "closed" cemeteries that occupy an area larger than the legal maximum size, due to which the cemeteries run out of space and become closed cemeteries.


The managers of open and closed cemeteries did not properly supervise the new cemeteries in the cemeteries under their control in accordance with the law.


And within the framework of the criminal cases under investigation regarding bribery, it was established that the managers of the cemetery, under the pretext of building a cemetery, actually demanded money from citizens for arranging the cemetery, and for these works they demanded different amounts of money from different people.


Cemetery managers and caretakers, bypassing the legal route, offer the above services on the spot, including in some cases including a fee for the allocation of a cemetery.


The study of the materials of the criminal case showed that only legislative regulation is not able to ensure compliance with the maximum size of cemeteries established by law and it is necessary to develop mechanisms for identifying and eliminating such land grabs by citizens.


Based on the above realities, established during the study, Yerevan City Prosecutor Sevak Hovhannisyan sent a petition to the Mayor of Yerevan with specific proposals aimed at eliminating ongoing criminal offenses, widespread corruption schemes, neutralizing the causes and conditions for committing crimes.


Taking into account the great social significance of the issue, as well as the need to ensure public discussion on the mechanisms for eradicating the traditionally ongoing vicious and criminal manifestations, specific proposals will be submitted to the Yerevan Municipality through a petition in the near future.