14.01.2022 | Violations by the convicts in the field of labor relations with other employers. The Prosecutor’s Office takes measures

Within the framework of the study of the situation with the implementation of the rights of persons held in open correctional facilities of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia, the circumstances of work, visits to work and suspension from work by the convicts were verified in the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia.


In this regard, the Department visited the workplaces of all employers, made inquiries to the State Revenue Committee, as a result of which violations were discovered.


In particular, in a number of cases, it was found out that some convicts in a correctional institution, with the permission of the head of the institution, entered into employment contracts with various individual entrepreneurs, under which they worked for these employers, but they were not at work places during inspections by prosecutors.


In a separate case, the verification showed that the convict was not at the work place, and later, after returning to the institution, as a result of a personal search, masses resembling various types of drugs were found in his backpack. A case was initiated on this fact, the convict was transferred from an open type correctional institution to a semi-open type correctional institution.


In another case, during the verification, it was found out that the Head of the correctional facility decided to allow the convict to leave the institution, to conclude an employment contract for work, on the basis of which the convict left the correctional institution during working hours. In other words, it is not known what the convict did after leaving the territory of the correctional facility.


Either a convict of an open correctional institution, with the permission of the head of the penitentiary institution, concluded an employment contract with an individual entrepreneur to work for him as a worker, and it was established by a letter from the State Revenue Committee that this employer has no information about the work of the specified convict. Moreover, it was found out that despite the fact that the activity of the IE was terminated on August 25, 2021, however, only on October 29, the convict applied to the head of the penitentiary to terminate his permission to travel outside the correctional facility.


After analyzing these violations in details, the RA Prosecutor General's Office sent a message to the head of the Penitentiary Service of the RA Ministry of Justice to discuss the necessary legislative changes.


At the same time, the RA Prosecutor General's Office is discussing the issue of proposing legislative amendments aimed at systematic revision in order to establish the necessary norms in legal acts regulating the field.