07.01.2022 | Response to the public questions of the RA NA Deputy Aram Vardevanyan аddressed to the RA Prosecutor General

On January 5, the RA National Assembly Deputy Aram Vardevanyan posed three questions through his Facebook page, in connection with which we consider it necessary to register the following:


Both the cases of non-admission to work of the elected members of the Council of Elders of Vardenis, as well as publications and video materials in the media regarding the statements of former Mayor Hayk Marutyan and others at the meeting of the Council of Elders of Yerevan were singled out as a result of monitoring carried out in the RA Prosecutor General's Office and studied.


As a result, the publications were sent to the Anti-Corruption Committee of the Republic of Armenia for the preparation of materials in accordance with Art. 180-181 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Armenia.


The publications on the statements made at the meeting of the Council of Elders of Yerevan were sent on the same day by the RA Prosecutor General's Office to the RA Criminal Police with an instruction to check the circumstances indicated in them. Moreover, on the same day the RA Prosecutor's Office informed the public about it. Materials are already being prepared on the basis of one part of publications, and verification actions are still in process for the rest.


In this sense, it is not necessary to note that the issue of initiating a criminal case can only be raised if there are sufficient grounds as a result of evidence obtained in the course of an investigation carried out within the framework of a criminal case.


As for the issue of detention as a measure of restraint against the commander Ashot Minasyan, the issue has nothing to do with legal norms regarding the conditions and grounds for detention. Given that Mr. Vardevanyan very often calls for respect for the positions expressed in judicial acts, we suggest respecting the judicial act rendered against Ashot Minasyan.


Considering that Mr. Vardevanyan participated in the proceedings against Ashot Minasyan as a lawyer and he is familiar with the charges brought against him, we consider that there is no need to continue listing the types of illegally stored ammunition found in Minasyan's building.