03.01.2022 | A petition was submitted regarding violations in the penitentiary institution of Hrazdan

In the course of the preliminary investigation of the criminal case being investigated by the RA Anti-Corruption Committee, it was substantiated that the former employees of Hrazdan penitentiary institution of the RA MJ S.M. and S.S. for not committing actions aimed at taking a cell phone, accepted an offer to receive a bribe and received a bribe in the amount of 32.000 and 16.000 AMD.


For the commission of socially dangerous acts on December 14, 2021, these people under Part 2 of Art. 311 of the RA Criminal Code, and a person with the highest hierarchical degree of criminal subculture under Part 1 of Art. 312 of the RA Criminal Code (2 episodes) were charged.


On 27.12.2021 a criminal case with an indictment against these 2 employees of the penitentiary institution and the person who gave the bribe was sent to the Court of First Instance of General Jurisdiction of Kotayk region.


In the course of the carried out preliminary investigation, as well as within the framework of the prosecutor's functions, the reasons and conditions conducive to the commission of the crime were identified.


In particular, it was found that some of the convicts and detainees during their stay in penitentiary institutions used cell phones with the Internet, organized and carried out gambling.


The above indicates that the penitentiary institution did not show the proper supervision in the direction of detection of cell phones and the termination of further operation. In addition, during the visits, insufficient supervision was carried out, as a result of which the convicts and detainees acquired and used cell phones with the Internet for a long time.


Based on the above, the Department for Supervision over the Legality of Pre-Trial Proceedings in the RA Anti-Corruption Committee of the RA Prosecutor General's Office sent a petition to the Head of the Department of the Penitentiary Institution of the RA MJ for taking effective measures to prevent such manifestations in Hrazdan penitentiary institution of the RA MJ. The petition raised the issue of establishing violations and their causes, as well as conducting studies to bring the perpetrators to justice and reporting the results to the RA Prosecutor's Office.