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06.12.2021 | 12 criminal violations during the election of the local self-government in Shirak region. Materials are being prepared by 4

The RA Prosecutor General's Office continues to publish the process of informing the public about crime cases by regions, during elections of local self-government bodies conducted on 05.12.2021 in a number of regions of the republic, as well as measures taken by law enforcement agencies based on these facts.


In particular, on December 5, elections of local self-government bodies were held in Akhuryan, Amasia, Ashotsk, Artik communities of Shirak region. Regarding the period of the pre-election campaign, 4 reports were received and 8 messages regarding criminal violations related to the process.


Out of the total 12 reports, 4 are media publications found out as a result of monitoring carried out at the RA Prosecutor General's Office, 3 are reports submitted by individuals, 5 are operational data received by police officers and reports submitted.


From received messages and alarm calls:


• 1 refers to giving, receiving a bribe or mediation in bribery,

• 3 - obstruction of the free expression of the will of voters in the consolidated communities of Akhuryan, Artik,

• 1 - obstruction of the electoral process in the enlarged community of Akhuryan,

• 2 - attempted double voting at different polling stations in the enlarged community of Artik,

• 1 - attempts to falsify the voting results due to a blackout at one of the polling stations in the community of Amasya,

• 1 - violations of a different nature.


As a result, 3 of them were left without results, since the data presented were not confirmed by the operational-search measures taken, or the indicated ones did not correspond to reality, and control measures are ongoing on 5 alarm calls.


And 4 messages were sent to the preliminary investigation body in order to prepare materials in accordance with Articles 180-181 of the RA Code of Criminal Procedure, on which the process is ongoing in order to clarify the circumstances and verify the grounds for initiating a criminal case.