05.12.2021 | Materials are being prepared on 9 cases out of 12 cases of electoral crimes in Kotayk local self-government elections

Local self-government elections were held on December 5, 2021 in Tsakhkadzor, Hrazdan, Nairi, Abovyan, Nor Hachn, Garni enlarged communities of Kotayk Region of the Republic of Armenia.


The elections of the mentioned communities, at the moment of the end of the voting, at 20:00, the law enforcement bodies recorded 12 alarms about electoral or other election-related crimes. All the cases were related to the voting process, 3 of them were media publications revealed in the result of the monitoring carried out in the RA General Prosecutor's Office, 8 were reports by individuals, including chairmen of election commissions, and a post posted on a social network by a user.


From 12 alarms, media publications:


1 - refers to giving and receiving electoral bribes in the enlarged community of Abovyan,
3 - hindrance to implementation of the right to elect in Abovyan and Hrazdan enlarged communities through the guidance of voters,
1 - usage of administrative resources in the enlarged community of Abovyan,
6 - attempted of voting more than once in different polling stations in Abovyan and Hrazdan enlarged community,
1 - violence in the precinct center or in the area adjacent to its entrance in the enlarged community of Abovyan.


In order to find out the facts mentioned in 3 abstract and general reports on the alleged electoral violations, the regional divisions of the RA Police initiated actions.


And on 9 reports, preparation of materials was initiated in order to find out all the facts and to give legal assessments.


Both the preparation of the materials and the checking operations are in under consideration in all cases.