05.12.2021 | Out of 12 cases of electoral violations during the elections of local self-government bodies of 4 enlarged communities of the Ararat region, materials are being prepared оn the basis of 4 materials

Regarding the local self-government bodies elections held on December 5, 2021 in the enlarged communities of Artashat, Masis, Vedi and Ararat of the Ararat region of the Republic of Armenia, at the time of the end of voting - as of 20:00, 12 messages were received about electoral crimes related to the voting process.


From which, 6 are media publications identified as a result of monitoring carried out in the RA Prosecutor General's Office, 3 – messages submitted by individuals, 3 - operational data acquired by police officers.


From received messages and calls:


• 2 - regarding giving, mediation or receiving an electoral bribe in different localities of the Masis community,

• 2 - regarding obstruction of the exercise of electoral rights in the enlarged communities of Artashat and Masis,

• 1 - regarding obstruction of the professional activity of a journalist in the Ararat community,

• 2- regarding the attempted double voting at different polling stations in the Masis community,

• 5 – other nature.


Regarding 8 reports on cases of electoral offenses, the regional police divisions of the RA initiated the necessary verification actions.


And in connection with other 4 messages, by the order of the Prosecutor's Office of the region in the bodies of inquiry or preliminary investigation, the process of preparing materials was initiated in the manner prescribed by Art. 180-181 of the RA Criminal Procedure Code.