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30.11.2021 | Crimes committed by juveniles have decreased in Lori Region: letters have been sent to the competent bodies by the Prosecutor's Office of the Region

Aimed at monitoring the effectiveness of the implementation of prosecutorial functions in the prevention of criminal offenses among juveniles in Lori Region of the Republic of Armenia, the work done in the first 9 months of this year was summarized in the Prosecutor's Office of Lori Region.


It turned out that during the first nine months of 2021, 17 crimes committed by 19 juveniles were recorded in Lori Region. During the same period of 2020, 34 crimes committed by 38 juveniles were recorded. That is to say, the number of criminal offenses committed and the number of juveniles committing these crimes have decreased twice.


The decrease is not only quantitative, but also qualitative, taking into account that if in 4 cases of serious crimes committed by juveniles (intentionally causing serious damage to health, theft by entering an apartment illegally) during 2020, but in 2021, no cases of serious crimes committed by juveniles were recorded.


Besides, if in 2020 significant cases of juvenile crime, with the majority of thefts being committed by illegal access to warehouses and buildings, and no cases of juvenile delinquency were reported during the first nine months of this year.


Significant decrease in juvenile crime or involvement in it in Lori Region is largely due to the preventive measures taken by the authorities to make the work of the Prosecutor's Office of the Region more coordinated and consistent.


In particular, the prosecutors of the Prosecutor's Office of the Region visited the secondary school of Bazum village during the past year, the 12th basic school of Alaverdi town and No. 16 and 27 basic schools of Vanadzor, "Evrika" special school of Vanadzor, where they had meetings with pupils of high grades.


Prosecutors introduced the pupils to a number of juvenile crimes and offences. Reference was made to criminal charges for holding knife or other objects, for carrying a weapon illegally, for drug trafficking.


The teachers and directors of the schools were advised to be more attentive and control those pupils who had negative behavior and in case of any negative behavior of juveniles cooperate with the Marzpetaran of Lori Region and law enforcement bodies.


The Prosecutor of Lori Region of the RA addressed letters to the Head of Regional Department of Police and the Marzpet of Lori to promote the effectiveness of the mentioned measures.