17.11.2021 | Answer-clarification

Тhe Chair of the RA NA Standing Committee on Protection of Human Rights and Public Affairs Taguhi Tovmasyan, wrote on her Facebook page yet another unfounded criticism addressed to the RA Prosecutor's Office.


By manipulation in a “status” style, T. Tovmasyan used the response of the Prosecutor's Office to the request (which was submitted exactly a year ago) as a basis for the said post, which at the moment contains irrelevant information.


It is strange that in order to write her “status” T. Tovmasyan “missed” the message of the RA Prosecutor General’s Office, published on September 27, 2021 regarding the results of a large-scale investigation carried out regarding war crimes committed by the military-political leadership and the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan, where it was written that by this case, among 40 persons involved as accused for committing crimes under Art. 226, 384, 387, 390, 391, 393.1, 395, 217, 34-390, 389 of the RA Criminal Code, high-ranking officials were also involved as accused.


Nevertheless, within the framework of investigations related to the war, in order to clarify the criminal procedural activities carried out by the investigative bodies and the RA Prosecutor's Office, we consider it necessary to once again clarify the following:


Within the framework of criminal cases, the initiation of criminal prosecution against persons, the issuance of an order to bring them to justice, the selection of a measure of restraint against them are in no way conditioned and cannot be conditioned by the implementation of criminal procedural procedures carried out by the competent authorities of this country, moreover, when they are clearly illegal and have a completely political motive and character.


Within the framework of these criminal cases, ensuring the completeness of evidence obtained legally, giving an undeniable legal assessment to crimes committed by high-ranking officials of the Armed Forces and the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan, creating strong preconditions for ensuring criminal justice has been and remains a priority task of the RA Prosecutor General's Office.


The RA Prosecutor's Office will not be guided by the primitive principle of “counteracting” Azerbaijan and carrying out political persecution following its example, endangering the entire process of defending the accusation in the future (including international).


For this purpose, within the framework of a multi-episode investigation, the bodies carrying out investigative, operational-search actions, also on the basis of instructions from the prosecutors, are taking all possible lawful measures to ensure the sufficiency of evidence of the criminal actions of the responsible officials of the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Turkey, about which was also noted in the response to the deputy's request.


How “strong” the criminal case is, as the deputy sarcastically tries to call it, or not “strong” is a matter of interpretation or the attitude of everyone. However, it is at least puzzling when the NA deputy can stubbornly ignore how important is the initiation of such criminal cases from the point of view of detection of the crimes committed and bringing the perpetrators to justice.