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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

16.11.2021 | Numerous abuses in Ptghni. Out of 4 criminal cases, 1 case against the head of the community was sent to the court

In connection with the legal and professional supervision over the exercise of the powers of local self-government bodies carried out by the Marzpetaran of Kotayk during 2018-2021, in the course of the preparation of the materials by the order of the Prosecutor's Office of the region the Police obtained factual data on corruption abuses by officials of the municipality of Ptghni. Regarding the above abuses, the Investigative Division of Abovyan of the RA IC has investigated and is still investigating 4 criminal cases initiated under Part 1 of Art. 308, Point 1 and Point 3 of Part 2 of Art. 179, Part 1 of Art. 314, Part 1 of Art. 308 and Part 2 of Art. 308 of the RA Criminal Code.


In particular, by 1 criminal case, data were obtained that in the territories of the security zones of Trans Gas LLC in Abovyan, operating in the administrative territory of the community - in some land plots located in the administrative territory of the Ptghni community according to the relevant decrees of the RA Government dated     26.05.1998 the use of land for urban development purposes was prohibited.


Meanwhile, the head of the Ptghni community A.V. violating the requirements of Art. 60 of the RA Land Code, presented to 15 citizens written statements regarding the absence of restrictions in relation to the indicated plots, and the latter built buildings and privatized buildings and territories.


Within the framework of the criminal case, initiated on the fact of this study, it was established that the land plot with an area of 1443 hectares was alienated by the head of the community through an auction-sale, despite the fact that it was a land plot that was not transferred by ownership to citizens and legal entities by the virtue of the provisions provided for in Art. 60 of the RA Land Code.


Within the framework of another case, during 2013-2016 10 land plots were alienated through the auction-sale, the size of one part of which did not meet the requirements of the procedure approved by Decision No. 286 of 12.04.2001. In some cases, the architectural plan was not included in the auction package; information on other additional conditions was not included in the announcement for organizing the auction. Part of the land was alienated to the sons of the community leader through an auction.


It was found out that in the register of auction-sale bids the signatures before the names of individuals were falsified. During the verification carried out regarding the participants who submitted applications for participation in the auction-sale together with the sons of the head of the community, it was found out that on the day of submission of applications, some of them were absent from the RA. The auctions were conducted by the deputy head of the community.


In the course of the investigation carried out within the framework of another criminal case, it was substantiated that the head of the community Ptghni A.V. back in October 2015, the cell phone obtained by the community's funds for official purposes handed over to his son, thus, by means of embezzlement, he stole the property of the community. Then, in order to hide the circumstance of the theft, violating the requirements of the law, having approved the fake act of the municipality's fixed assets, he wrote out the specified cell phone from the balance of the municipality's fixed assets, thus committing an official forgery.


The head of the community A.V. within the framework of this criminal case, was charged under Point 1 of Part 2 of Art. 179 and Part 1 of Art. 314 of the RA Criminal Code. The latter pleaded himself guilty, the criminal case with the indictment on his part was sent to the court by the Prosecutor's Office, by which the judicial investigation is at a preliminary stage. 


The preliminary investigation of the remaining criminal cases continues, measures are being taken to identify criminal abuses, give legal assessments to the actions of persons with a view to restore the damage caused to the community.


Notice: Every person suspected in or charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent unless proved guilty in the manner prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code and unless the verdict comes into legal force.