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29.10.2021 | Combating smuggling and drug trafficking is one of the priorities of the Armenian-Iranian cooperation in the criminal law field

In 2020 the Investigative bodies of the State Revenue Committee of the Republic of Armenia and the National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia investigated 13 criminal cases on the facts of detecting the smuggling of drugs and psychotropic substances across the state border of the Republic of Armenia and Iran, by which 14 persons were involved as accused.


For 9 months of 2021, 12 such criminal cases were initiated, by which 24 accused  were involved - both citizens of Armenia and Iran.


Moreover, from 2017 to 2020 only from the side of the RA Customs Service 157 kg various types of drugs and psychotropic substances were found out smuggled from Iran to Armenia, and in 2021, 451 kg of drugs were found out at the customs point.


In general, in 2021, there were two cases of smuggling of a large consignment of drugs from Iran to Armenia, and two cases of using the territory of Armenia as a transit- in the first case, 351 kg of heroin were seized, in the second 366 kg.


In recent years, an active fight has been carried out so that the territories of Artsakh were not used as a transit zone for the illegal import of drugs from Iran to Armenia. Since 2016, 7 such cases have been identified, 3 of which have been disclosed, and the total amount of detected illegal drugs smuggled from Iran to Artsakh was about 28 kg.


By these 7 criminal cases, 16 were accused. By criminal cases sent to court with indictment 10 were sentenced to imprisonment.


Taking into account that drug smuggling and illicit trafficking are considered crimes with high latency, the aforementioned indicators unequivocally prove that the fight against smuggling and drug trafficking from Iran to Armenia both through the interstate border and through the territory of Artsakh until the war of 2020, every year becomes more consistent and efficient.


This is also evidenced by the reaction of international organizations specializing in the fight against drug trafficking. In particular, in March 2021 a letter was received from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime to the RA Prosecutor General 's Office, where, expressing gratitude in connection with the detection and confiscation by the RA law enforcement agencies of a large amount of drugs imported from Iran to Armenia for transportation to Europe, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime expressed its readiness to assist in this process, both by improving the professional skills of employees involved in the fight against smuggling and drug trafficking, and by acquiring evidence in cooperation with Iran and target countries.


In particular, during the visit of the Prosecutor General of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Armenia from 12 to 15 October, issues were discussed related to the possibility of introducing new technical means to detect drugs at border customs points, as well as criminal prosecution of people who have committed a crime and serving a sentence.


The above facts indicate that the accusations of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev made on October 15 at the meeting of the leaders of the CIS state against the RA and the IRI (without presenting at least one proof) that the territory of Artsakh was used for smuggling drugs from the IRI to the RA have nothing to do with reality. These accusations are unfounded, devoid of any factual basis and openly pursue the goal of discrediting the RA and the IRI, but from the very beginning they are doomed to failure. They are directed to hide the fact that Azerbaijan is a drug transit country.


The President of Azerbaijan makes similar statements when, according to a report published by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, if Armenia was included during 2015-2019 in the list of non-main countries of origin and transit of the drug Heroin, then Azerbaijan - in the list of main countries.