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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

26.10.2021 | Convictions were rendered regarding the 3 cases on lease of the community lands with abuses in Syunik region, 41 million AMD damage to communities was restored

On the ground of large-scale studies conducted by Prosecutor's Office of Syunik Region regarding protection of state interests, materials were prepared for the installation of antenna stations for providing mobile communication coverage in the administrative districts of the region. 25 criminal cases were initiated against 22 settlements (formerly communities) of the enlarged communities of the region.


During the installation and operation of antenna stations, abuse of official position or transfer of authority by community leaders, violation of the law, lease of community lands with the help of their relatives or subordinates, thus providing large profits for their families; 13 people, all former community leaders, were charged with failing to take action to eliminate the violations.


In the course of preliminary investigation of the criminal case the criminal prosecution against the heads of several communities (in particular, Harzhis of the enlarged community of Tatev, Darbas, Bnunis, Lor, Tanahat settlements of Sisian enlarged community) was terminated on the ground of absence of crime or expiration of the statute of limitations of the crime, application of amnesty or confession. In regard with the case of the former heads of the Aghitu and Akhlatyan settlements (former communities) of the enlarged community of Sisian, no criminal prosecution was carried out on the grounds of death, in the case of the former head of Kapan community, on the ground of lack of guilt.


7 criminal cases against 7 people, in particular against the former Head of Gorayk, Vaghatsin, Nzhdeh, Shaqi, Arevis, Sarnakunq and Brnakot with the bill of indictment were sent to the court.


Judicial acts on 5 of them were made, regarding three cases people were sentenced to imprisonment and were deprived of holding some offices or being engaged in activities. Amnesty was applied to them. In both cases, the criminal case was terminated in court, in one case on the ground of applying amnesty, in the other case on unjustified grounds for exceeding the statute of limitations.


In the result of the investigations, the total initial damage caused to the communities amounted to about 95.5 million AMD. About 41 million AMD was restored out of it. Measures are being undertaken to restore the remaining damage.


In regard with 13 communities, lease agreements concluded in the result of criminal transactions were terminated. By means of concluding new lease agreements between the communities and those companies providing telecommunication services, the violated rights of the settlements and communities of the region will be fully restored.