22.10.2021 | 28 people included in the list of candidates for prosecutors received diplomas

Today diplomas were awarded to 28 people included in the list of candidates for prosecutors who graduated from the Academy of Justice of the Republic of Armenia.


The ceremony, which took place in the RA Prosecutor General's Office, was attended by the RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan, the RA Deputy Prosecutor General, Chairman of the Management Board of the RA Academy of Justice Gevorg Baghdasaryan, Rector of the RA Academy of Justice Sergey Arakelyan.


By congratulating the next graduates of the Academy on the successful completion of their studies and obtaining the right to enter the system of the Prosecutor's Office, the Rector of the RA Academy of Justice noted that the knowledge and skills obtained by the candidates are sufficient to carry out their professional activities at a high level and conscientiously.


The RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan also congratulated and noted that they have chosen a rather responsible, difficult, but at the same time very honorable, stable, developing, key field of activity in building the state of the rule of law. According to the opinion of the Prosecutor General, to this should be approached not only as a job, but also as a mission.


“Especially in the current difficult period for our country, the responsibility of the Prosecutor’s Office is too big in the context of the functions assigned to it by the Constitution, with a view to ensure the normal functioning of the state, to ensure the internal legal security of our country.


Any person entering the Prosecutor's Office must feel like a part of the state, have a state mentality, real consciousness and dedication to serving his country and people. In case of the appointment as a prosecutor, each of your procedural decisions will concern the fate of people and with the quality of each decision, with a human and professional description, we will send signals to society how much we want to be fair in practice, to what extent we can carry out people-centered criminal justice, protection of rights people and the state. The quality of our joint work is directly comparable to the efficiency and viability of our state,” noted the RA Prosecutor General.


Wishing success to the candidates who have received diplomas, Artur Davtyan expressed the hope that they will bring with them a new breath, a new style of work, new ideas and, also having received sufficient experience from senior colleagues, will contribute to the development of the Prosecutor's Office in accordance with the requirements of the time and development trends of legal thought.


For the high-quality organization of the educational process of the candidates for prosecutors, the RA Prosecutor General also thanked the Rector of the RA Academy of Justice Sergey Arakelyan.