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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

20.10.2021 | The RA Prosecutor's Office invited responsible representatives of the competent authorities to the place of the tragic car accident. Measures will be taken to prevent accidents

As already reported, on October 20, a tragic accident occurred at the 51st km of the Yerevan-Gyumri highway. The GAZEL car overturned, as a result of which the driver of the car, four passengers died, and 17 people were taken to medical institutions with various injuries.


After receiving the information, the bodies of preliminary investigation and inquiry initiated investigative and other actions aimed at identifying the identity of the persons who received bodily injuries, measures were taken to provide medical care, and a criminal case was initiated.


On behalf of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia, Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia Armen Afandyan promptly went to the scene to assess the conditions that contributed to the commission of the crime.


For this purpose, by the initiation of the prosecutor's office, responsible officials of the competent authorities who have control over the provision of road construction standards were also invited to the scene, in particular, the acting head of the RA RP service, the marzpet of Aragatsotn region, the director of the SNCO <<Road Department>> of the Ministry of Territorial administration and infrastructures of the RA.


On the spot, it was stated that the incident occurred on a section of the M-1 highway, where a new road built under the North-South road construction program connects to a road section that has not yet been repaired. Despite this fact, which clearly complicates traffic, there were no road signs at the scene, and the relevant road construction standards were not observed.


With the participation of responsible persons, the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia organized an operational meeting in the Prosecutor's Office of the Aragatsotn region of the Republic of Armenia, during the meeting, issues regarding the specified road were discussed in details.


In particular, the task was set to equip these traffic lanes with appropriate signs, markings, artificial speed limiters with reflectors, and to carry out earthworks to smooth out the gentle slopes of the road. The possibility of installing speedometers in other hazardous areas was also discussed.


The Deputy Prosecutor General was instructed to carry out permanent stricter service of the traffic police in these areas until the completion of these works.


Taking into account the fact that the RA Prosecutor's Office will show consistency with regard to the agreements acquired during the meeting at the RA Prosecutor General's Office on October 1, if necessary, the issue of giving an assessment in the criminal law field will also be touched upon.


Today, the Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia again sent petitions to the Deputy Chief of the Police of the Republic of Armenia, Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of the Republic of Armenia to take urgent measures in accordance with the areas of competence.