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19.10.2021 | The Prosecutor of Shirak region appealed to the President of the Red Cross of Armenia with a request to strengthen control over the Gyumri round-the-clock care center

During 2021 cases of crimes were registered in Gyumri round-the-clock care center of the Armenian Red Cross.


In particular, on April 5, 2021, a 59-year-old resident from Gyumri round-the-clock center was taken to Gyumri Medical Center with a diagnosis of amputation of the right elbow, alcohol intoxication.


During the preparation of materials regarding the case, it was established that the latter was alone in his room that day, drank alcohol, committed an act of self-mutilation with a razor, after which he was given first aid and the latter was taken to a medical center.


According to the certificate received from Gyumri Mental Health Center, the said person was registered at the center's narcological dispensary with a diagnosis of "mental-behavioral disorder with alcohol dependence syndrome."


In other words, people who were cared for at the center were found to have owned and consumed alcohol. Meanwhile, according to the rules of the care center, persons in the center are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages. This fact was ignored by the aid center officials.


In addition to the above, during the investigation carried out on the basis of the call on July 22, 2021 from Gyumri round-the-clock center, it was established that on the same day a male resident of the center, as a result of a quarrel over domestic issues in his room, hit several residents of the same center, inflicting “light bodily injuries” on them, which had no signs of damage.


There have also been cases of persons experiencing difficulty with movement, losing their balance, falling out of the field of view of the help center staff, falling and receiving bodily injuries.


Taking into account the indicated circumstances, the prosecutor of Shirak region appealed to the President of the Red Cross of Armenia with a request to discuss the causes of the accidents registered in Gyumri Center, take effective measures to eliminate such incidents, and also resolve issues of disciplinary responsibility of employees who could not fulfill their duties.