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14.10.2021 | The damage caused by abuses during the lease of some public land plots in Ararat region in the amount of 8 million AMD and violated rights were restored

Based on the materials prepared regarding possible violations in the field of lease, sublease, alienation of real estate that were public and state property for the installation of antenna stations that provide cellular coverage in the settlements of the Ararat region during 2020 in the Prosecutor's Office of the region and Ararat Division of the RA Police under Point 1 or 2 of Art. 308, Point 1 of Part 3 of Art. 178, 4 criminal cases were initiated, the preliminary investigation of which was carried out in the Investigative Division of Vedi of the RA IC.


The criminal cases concerned the leasing of land plots that are public or state properties in the communities of Urtsadzor, Urtsalandj, Dashtakar, Ararat by former leaders of the communities to their relatives due to mercenary motives. These land plots were then given for the leas to telecommunications companies for high rents to provide cellular coverage, resulting in greater profits for their families and no opportunity for communities to use the profits for community needs.


During the preliminary investigation, a criminal case against the community leader under Part 2 of Art. 308 of the RA Criminal Code was sent to the courts of General Jurisdiction of Ararat and Vayots Dzor regions.


Proceedings of the remaining 3 criminal cases were terminated, in case of 2 on non-acquittal grounds for the expiration of the term for committing a crime, in case of one on acquittal grounds for the absence of corpus delicti.


The preliminary damage caused to communities, revealed as a result of investigations, amounted to about 10 million AMD, as a result of the work done, about 8 million AMD was recovered from this amount.


In one case, during the preliminary investigation, the amount of 2 million AMD was restored, against the current head of the community was initiated by the Prosecutor's Office of Ararat region a civil claim on the need for warning.


In the case of 3 communities, 3 sublease agreements with telecommunications companies were terminated, and in all these cases, new agreements were concluded between the communities and the companies. In one case, the community went to court to terminate the contract.