12.10.2021 | The visit of the IRI Prosecutor General started

By the invitation of the RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan, the IRI Prosecutor General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri arrived in Armenia on a three-day working visit. At “Zvartnots” airport the IRI Prosecutor General was met by the RA Deputy Prosecutor General Gevorg Baghdasaryan.
The last time the IRI Prosecutor General visited Armenia 8 years ago. The visit started with talks in an expanded format.

Welcoming the guest and the delegation headed by him in the RA Prosecutor General's Office, RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan first of all thanked his colleague for accepting the invitation and visiting Armenia, despite the difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to Artur Davtyan, the latter emphasizes the importance of the visit both from the point of view of strengthening cooperation between partner structures and from the point of view of the development of warm, kinship relations in the legal field between neighboring countries.

“Iran is a reliable friend and good neighbor of Armenia, our relations have a long history. Iran is also a very important trading partner of Armenia, we also have a very active Armenian community in Iran. Iran is home to a significant Armenian cultural heritage, which is at the center of attention of the Iranian authorities, as I became convinced during my visit to Tehran in November 2018.

The high level of relations between Armenia and Iran is evidenced by the numerous meetings of the leaders of our states and the multi-layered nature of the issues discussed, and the cooperation between the Prosecutor General's Offices of our countries is permanent. ” said the RA Prosecutor General.
Mr. Montazeri thanked for the warm welcome and expressed confidence that mutual visits and the opportunity to discuss issues on the agenda directly at the highest level will further deepen cooperation between the Prosecutors Offices and law enforcement agencies. He stressed the significant contribution of the Iranian Armenians to the public, political and cultural life of Iran, noting that due to mutual trust, serious problems do not arise in bilateral relations.

During the meeting, were discussed issues arising from the cooperation programs of the Prosecutors Offices of the two countries regarding the cooperation in the field of extradition and legal assistance in criminal cases, smuggling and drug trafficking, as well as combating illegal border crossing and illegal migration.

The parties discussed the possibilities of promoting tendencies to improve the terms of the execution of petitions submitted by the IRI law enforcement agencies within the framework of providing legal assistance in criminal matters, the procedure for the extradition and serving of sentences of the convicts who are citizens of the IRI and serve their sentence in Armenia, increasing the efficiency of cooperation in the field of illegal imports of drugs, the possibility of modernizing technical means for supervision at border control points, as well as raising the awareness of citizens of the two countries about restrictions on the transportation of psychotropic substances or narcotic drugs.

In the context of the fight against transnational crime, the Prosecutors Generals noted the importance of excluding the penetration of terrorist groups into the region, which became especially relevant in 2020 in connection with the movement of such groups to the conflict zone during the Artsakh war and their deployment there. The RA Prosecutor General highly appreciated the emphasized intolerance of the Iranian side in this issue and expressed Armenia's readiness to participate in a joint fight against this evil in any format. Mr. Motazeri, in turn, also stressed the need to confront this threat, noting that Iran will not tolerate the deployment of terrorism near its borders.

Artur Davtyan presented the efforts of the Republic of Armenia aimed at stability, protection of the population and fundamental rights in the conflict zone and the existing humanitarian problems after the Artsakh war in 2020.
Other issues of mutual interest were also discussed, in particular, regarding the search for legal mechanisms to resolve environmental problems and the right to a clean environment for the population of the Araks River basin, the possibility of developing working formats for further cooperation in this area.