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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

08.10.2021 | In total, 48 persons were involved in the crimes of the criminal subculture as accussed, 25 of whom were prosecuted. Generalization

The RA Prosecutor's Office and other law enforcement agencies continue the joint criminal-legal fight against crimes typical of the criminal subculture, which pose a great public danger.


According to the summary compiled by the Department of Crimes Against Public Security of the RA Prosecutor General 's Office, based on the materials prepared in connection with the indicated facts, under Articles 223.1-223.4 of the RA Criminal Code 25 criminal cases were initiated, proceedings of 1 from which was suspended, by 7 criminal cases a decision was made to terminate the proceedings due to the absence of corpus delicti.


By 11 criminal cases, the preliminary investigation is still in process, 6 criminal cases against 25 persons have been sent to court along with indictments.


In total, 48 persons were involved as defendants by the investigated criminal cases, 5 of which had the status of so-called "thieves in law".


With regard to 17 accused, detention was applied as a measure of restraint, in relation to 2 - bail, to 21 - recognizance not to leave, and in relation to the rest, no measure of restraint was applied, since they were held in custody by another case.


All 6 criminal cases sent to court are currently at the stage of judicial investigation. In relation to 6 out of 25 persons prosecuted for the criminal subculture, detention was applied as a measure of restraint, 4 had the highest status of the criminal hierarchy, 3 of which were the so-called "thieves in law".


Based on the adopted criminal policy to eliminate this phenomenon, law enforcement agencies are taking all necessary measures in a coordinated manner, both within the framework of criminal cases and outside them, to identify other possible criminal offenses related to criminal activity and subculture.