15.09.2021 | Expert discussion on topical issues of the fight against corruption and cybercrime and a joint round table with the participation of the RA and the RF prosecutors

The Prosecutors of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia and the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation participated in the expert meeting "On the issues of cross-border illegal movement and combating cybercrime of digital financial assets" and in the round table on the topic "Increasing the efficiency of prosecutorial supervision by criminal cases of corruption crimes, legislative regulation of increasing the income of property and money obtained by criminal means."


The events were held within the framework of the cooperation program of the RA Prosecutor General's Office and the RF Prosecutor General's Office for 2021-2022, signed in Moscow on January 12 of this year. The latter is aimed at exchanging experience and information in the context of sectoral practical legal problems considered relevant for the prosecutors of the two countries through several joint annual events in the RA and the Russian Federation, discussing ways and prospects for expanding cooperation, opportunities and prospects for expanding funds in these areas.


By welcoming the members of the delegation of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation and opening the events, Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia Gevorg Baghdasaryan noted that the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Armenia has always attached special importance to deepening close cooperation with the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation, and the high level of relations formed between the two agencies, mutual trust and constructive dialogue allows joint to solve such legal problems that it is not always possible to settle through international agreements.


According to Gevorg Baghdasaryan, this is facilitated by the sincere interest and consistency shown over the years by the prosecutorial agencies of the two countries in approving and implementing 6 cooperation programs arising from the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Prosecutor General's Offices of the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation in 2006 (including expert meeting and round table in Yerevan). The RA Deputy Prosecutor General wished useful discussions to the prosecutors involved in the events, expressing the hope that they would contribute to increasing the efficiency of interpersonal communication between agencies.


During the expert discussion and round table, the prosecutors of the RA and the RF discussed the peculiarities of the legalization of property acquired by criminal means through transactions using non-traditional methods (POS terminals online, the Internet, mobile banking, cryptocurrencies), the investigation of criminal cases regarding corruption, as well as the peculiarities of prosecutorial control over them, problems encountered in practice and ways to solve them, mechanisms for the confiscation of illegal assets in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia, opportunities for cooperation.