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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

15.09.2021 | Reserve militaries are informed about their rights, responsibilities and legal consequences of the criminal behavior during three-month military assemblies

As it has already been informed three-month military assemblies are held from 25 of August 2021.


The RA Military Prosecutor’s Office following the process with the requirements of the legislation, as well as giving importance to the process of organization and giving legal assessment to the criminal acts, finds that after 25 August 2021 three-month assemblies are held properly, conscripts have been duly assigned to military service, they have a high level of responsibility and civic awareness.


During this period, information was received about violations related to non-performance of official duties by 6 people participating in the three-month assemblies. Decisions on rejecting to initiate criminal cases on the grounds of absence of crime were made by the body conducting the proceedings and a criminal case was initiated regarding a person based on Article 361, Part 1 of the RA Criminal Code. Preparation of materials on three cases are underway.


The RA Military Prosecutor's Office finds it necessary to inform that conscription military service as for reasons of prevention and awareness considers, according to the RA Law on Military Service and the Status of Servicemen, is a type of military service and the same rights and responsibilities are provided for the basic military servicemen.


Besides, any case of leaving the military unit or place of service voluntarily, not appearing in the service, refusing to serve or perform certain duties by the participants will be subject to criminal assessment.


In the framework of three-month trainings, the prosecutors of the RA Military Prosecutor's Office hold meetings with all conscripts, informing them in detail about the rights and responsibilities connected with their status, possible criminal behavior, their criminal consequences, as well as answering their questions.