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13.09.2021 | 16 cases on 24 people on electoral crimes during the NA Early Elections of 2021 were sent to the court: summery

The RA Prosecutor General's Office continues summarizing the outcomes of electoral violations during the whole period of the Early Elections of the RA National Assembly held on June 20, 2021 and after that day.


As it was informed before over 80 criminal cases have been initiated, investigated and are under investigation, most of them are related with giving electoral bribe, receiving electoral bribe and bribe mediation.


87 people are charged with the mentioned criminal cases, out of them 86% for giving electoral bribe, for mediating of receiving electoral bribe, attempt of giving electoral bribe, as well as for receiving electoral bribe, 14% are of electoral nature, including breaching the confidentiality of ballot, damage and destruction of property related to posters of election campaign or, forcing participation in electoral campaign and commission of other criminal acts.


8 accused were included in the list of Deputy Candidates who had participated in the Early Elections of National Assembly from 2 alliances, (Alliances “I have honor” and “Armenia”), and 2 parties (”Prosperous Armenia” and “Rise”). 


24 accused, including 8 from the above mentioned candidates were detained. In different cases the court decided to change detention with other means of punishment different from imprisonment.


According to the above-mentioned investigated cases up to 9 of September 2021 16 cases with indictment bill were sent to court for further examination. In total 24 people were brought to court including:


16 - for giving bribe one or more people, in different cases also electoral bribe mediation or assisting and preparing for giving electoral bribe and for receiving bribe,


2 -  for attempt to vote more than once,


1 – for forcing two or more people to take part in elections, elect the party or alliance,


2 – for forcing one or more people to take part in elections, elect the party or alliance abusing position,


3 - damage and destruction of property related to posters of election campaign.


Proceedings are underway regarding all the cases sent, in some cases they are in the final stage.


9 people brought before the court are from Alliance “Armenia” 10 – from the alliance “I have honor” and 1 – from the Party “Rise” and 4 other people.


Preliminary investigation on 39 criminal cases is underway.