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10.09.2021 | Many funeral halls are exploited in violation of the requirements of the legislation: the prosecutor of the region addressed a letter to marzpet

A study was carried out within the framework of the functions of state interests protection in the Prosecutor's Office of Ararat Region on the application by a group of residents of Norabats community of Ararat region addressed to the RA Prosecutor General. It turned out that on the basis of the architectural plan assignment and permission of construction issued by the community head, a building was being built by a citizen immediately next to the community houses to perform civil funeral services - a "funeral hall".


That fact has caused the dissatisfaction of people of that district, conditioned by the fact that the rituals planned in the hall, the supposed number of visitors as well as other psychological and logical factors can damage the normal life of the people.


The study showed that the head of the Council of Elders of Norabats community of Ararat region did not fulfill the requirements of the RA law on the organization of funerals, operation of cemeteries, according to which relevant conditions and terms are defined by the community council.


That is to say there is a legislative imperative requirement for a normative legal act providing restrictions for buildings and structures intended for the provision of such services by the community council maintaining the mental health of the population and organizing cultural life.


According to the clarification provided by the RA Urban Development, Technical Standards and Fire Safety Inspectorate Body the head of the community cannot give permission for provision of funeral services (farewell) ritual services of civilians without the adoption of a normative legal act providing restrictions by the Council of Elders.


During the study, a survey was conducted by Ararat Marzpetaran to find out whether the requirements of the mentioned law were observed by the councils of elders in other communities of the region. Examination of the information provided in the response letter showed that there are a number of communities in the region councils have not yet imposed restrictions on buildings and facilities for providing (farewell) ritual services for civilians. It is not only a violation of the law, but also creates case law for similar situations for other communities in the future, as well as there are corruption risks.


Based on the results of the study and the application of a group of residents of Norabats community of Ararat region, the materials filed were sent to the Department of Masis of the RA Police to file materials and give a legal assessment to the actions of officials.


Besides, the Prosecutor of Ararat Region of the Republic of Armenia addressed a letter to the Marzpet of Ararat Region to take effective measures for the fulfillment of the requirements of the law by the Councils of Ararat Region communities, to exclude such cases in the future.


Taking into account that such issues may be more spatial, the RA Prosecutor's Office will initiate relevant studies in the communities of other regions.