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09.09.2021 | Announcement on the open competition aimed at replenishing the list of candidates of prosecutors

Based on Article 38, Part 1 of the Law on Prosecutor’s Office the RA Prosecutor’s Office announces that the RA citizens wishing to take part in about the open competition aimed at replenishing the list of candidates of prosecutors need to submit the administrative building of the RA General Prosecutor's Office (address: Yerevan, Vazgen Sargsyan 5) the following documents in person: 


application addressed to the President of the Qualification Commission adjunct to the RA Prosecutor General (the form is filled in place);

passport or identification card with copies (if the person does not submit an identification card, it is necessary to submit the Social Service Number or a Statement on giving a Social Service Number or a Statement on refusal of giving a social service number with copies);

document assuring high education in Law (for those who received high education abroad – submit a document on the compliance with the qualification degrees of their education or admissibility of diploma, as well as the notarized and certified translation of the foreign document) with a copy;

a card including biographical data of the applicant with the description of legal professional activity after receiving degree of lawyer attaching appropriate evidence (including position passport or other documents supporting the job responsibilities in the work considered as a professional legal experience (see Annotation 1)

an autobiography;

for male applicant - a document certifying that he has completed compulsory military service or has been released from compulsory military service or has been granted postponement in accordance with the law with a copy;

a document supported in accordance with the order of RA Government on absence of physical disabilities and diseases obstructing the appointment for the position of prosecutor (see Annotation 2);

a document certifying the availability of a PhD or Doctor of Law (if the candidate is a PhD or a Doctor of Law), and in the case specified in Article 38, Part 7 of the "Law on the Prosecutor's Office", a document certifying the existence of at least four years of experience in scientific activity with a copy (with copies);

a statement from the Passport and Visa Department of the RA Police on being only a citizen of the Republic of Armenia;

a statement from the RA Judicial Department on not being recognized as incompetent or partially incompetent by the court.

a photo with the size of 3x4;

the applicant can provide certificates, which in his/her opinion can be important in the procedure of election;


 Documents for taking part in the competition are accepted until 24 of September 2021 inclusive, on working days from 09:30 – 12:30 and 14:30 - 17:30.


The competition will be held from 7 of October (address: Yerevan, Vazgen Sargsyan 5).


The preparatory works for the competition are carried out by the RA Prosecutor's Office Department of Personnel Management (Yerevan, Vazgen Sargsyan St. 5, tel.: 010 511-541, e-mail address:


The procedure and the questionnaire for holding the open competition aimed at replenishing the list of candidates of prosecutor is available on the official website of the RA Prosecutor's Office with the following link.