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06.09.2021 | Invitation of International Youth Competition of the anti-corruption social advertisement titled “Together against corruption”

The Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia informs that the International Youth Competition of the anti-corruption social advertisement titled “Together against corruption” will be held by the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Federation of Russia and invites all young people aged from 14 to 35 years old, including individual authors, creative groups to take part in the Youth Competition of anti-corruption social advertising "Together against corruption".


Within the framework of the competition people or groups belonging to a specified age and group should prepare posters and videos on the theme “Together against corruption” as anti-corruption social advertising and send them to the official website before October 1, 2021, following necessary instructions. 


The competition will be held in the frame of international anti-corruption cooperation in order to create a general perception of the fight against this negative social phenomenon, to encourage the involvement of the youth in it.


Тhe conditions of the competition, the format of the submitted work, the procedure for settling copyright issues can be found following the above-mentioned link on the website of the international competition “Together against Corruption”.


The competition is held in two nominations: "The Best Poster" and "The Best Video". The works may be submitted by the official languages of UNO – English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, French and Russian.

The outcomes of the competition will be summarized and the winners will be chosen by two stages.


In the first stage the jury established by the organizer with the involvement of representatives from competent bodies from other countries will select the best 50 posters and 50 videos, which will be published on the official webpage of the competition in the section “Works of the participants” for online vote.  


In the second stage in the period from 21 October to 21 November, 2021 the online vote will be available and all the visitors of the website will be able to vote.


The winner (first place) and the award winners (second and third places) are those participants who receive more votes in the course of online votes.


The final summary of the outcomes, announcement of voters and award winners will take place in the frame of the international day of fight against corruption (9 of December).


It should be reminded that the representatives from the Republic of Armenia, from several universities of the country who took part in the International Youth Competition titled “Together against corruption” were awarded with different awards in previous years.