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03.09.2021 | Artur Davtyan presented the mechanisms for promotion of investments and legal protection in Armenia at the 6th Eastern Economic Forum

The RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan participated in the 6th Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok.


During the discussion held within the framework of the forum on the topic “National legislation and trust in international relations as a guarantee of attracting investments” Artur Davtyan made a speech on the role of law enforcement agencies in the processes of stimulating and creating effective conditions for protecting investments in Armenia.


The RA Prosecutor General noted the importance of Armenia's participation in the forum, given the close economic ties between Armenia and Russia, the large volumes of trade and the interest of the Armenian side in attracting foreign investments in our country, in connection with which such forums serve as a favorable platform for presenting the investment environment in Armenia and measures to improve it.


Artur Davtyan noted that investment promotion and legal protection are one of the main priorities of Armenia, for which sufficient legislative institutional conditions have been created. In this context, law enforcement agencies are assigned the mission of rooting in their target activities the conviction of fairness and protection of potential investors and entrepreneurs, thus contributing to the formation of an atmosphere of trust.


Artur Davtyan presented the current legal and legislative framework in Armenia aimed at protecting investments, which over the years has become more institutionalized, including the legislative regulation of legal relations between state and private sector and with the aim of stimulating the improvement of relevant infrastructures for protecting investments in the country, creating a favorable an environment for the implementation, promotion and management of successful public-private partnership programs in Armenia consistent with international best practice.


Regarding promotion of investments and protection of investors' rights and normal activities, the RA Prosecutor General noted the importance of the role of the RA law enforcement agencies, including the prosecutor's office, primarily in the fight against corruption, highlighting the systemic anti-corruption reforms carried out in the country as a means of ensuring administrative or other illegal, criminal impacts, exclusion of interference by state bodies, officials, as well as effective guarantees of the inevitability of criminal liability of those responsible in such cases.



They also noted the importance of increasing the efficiency of the criminal legal fight against economic crimes, numerous changes in the Criminal Code in recent years, which are aimed at simplifying the corpus delicti and ensuring certainty in order to make their actions as predictable as possible for business entities.


After the discussion, the RA Prosecutor General took part in the plenary session of the forum with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin.