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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

05.08.2021 | Abolish the requirements of technical regulations in AGFCS, violations with grave consequences and strengthen control. Initiation of the Prosecutor's Office of Tavush region

In the course of exercising prosecutorial competencies in the Prosecutor's Office of Tavush region, data were obtained regarding the cases of violation of the requirements of the technical regulations of AGFCS in the region. 

In particular, on July 22, 2021 in Noyemberyan Investigative Division of the Investigative Department of Tavush Region of the RA Investigative Committee, a criminal case was initiated under Point 3 of Part 2 of Art. 279 of the RA Criminal Code, on the fact of a death as a result of an explosion of a gas cylinder of a Mercedes-Benz E-350 car, after refueling near Bagratashen location in the Ayrum community on the Vanadzor-Georgia interstate highway on the same day at around 15:10.

In addition, on 28.07.2021 from MC “Ijevan” was received a message that a citizen was transferred  with bodily injuries to their center, who received the said bodily injuries on the same day within 08:10 as a result of an explosion of a gas cylinder after refueling “Zil 130” car at AGFCS owned by N LLC.
By the decree of the RA Government of No 1101-N dated 28.08.2008 the pressure at the end of refueling should not exceed 19.6 MPa, while there are many cases when the pressure at the end of refueling in the cylinder exceeds 19.6 MPa, which poses a serious danger to human life and health.

Taking into account the grave consequences as a result of such violations, the Prosecutor of Tavush region sent a letter to the Head of the RA urban, fire and technical safety inspection body with a view to take measures to identify violations of the technical regulations in AGFCS provided for by the relevant decrees of the RA government and to exclude such cases in the future.

The prosecutor of the region noted that in order for the measures to be more effective, monitoring should be carried out on compliance with the requirements of technical regulations in AGFCS operating in the region, and unexpected visits should be carried out in order to strictly comply with technical regulations.