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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

04.08.2021 | 12 cases of theft from cars were recorded in the first half of 2021. A motion was sent to the Police

The cases of theft recorded in the territory of Shirak Region have been studied at the Prosecutor’s Office of Shirak, in the result it turned out that 12 cases were recorded, most of them at Gyumri town.


Initiation of 9 cases out of them were rejected because there was no complaint. Criminal cases have been initiated on 3 cases, the proceedings of which were then suspended because the criminal was not discovered.


Most of the theft cases were committed during night hours, the targets were the cars which had not alarm system, there were no video cameras and were out of control. The car doors were opened by means of breaking the glass of the car door or using a technical tool. The cases of theft were frequent from the 8th street of Gyumri town and Vard-Bagh districts.


The main reason is the unemployment of people, bad social state, improper control over the people released from penitentiary institutions, as well as not sufficient protection of cars.


The studies showed that in these cases the initiation of proceedings was rejected because there were no complaint, and due consistency was not used to discover the people committing crime, registering. Besides in order efficiently organize preventive measures of crimes, the state was not studied separately, the reasons and conditions assisting to their commitment, information on victims and the things stolen.


Taking into account the results of the information on theft cases from the cars the Prosecutor of Shirak Region gave importance to the prevention, fight, detection, operative-investigative measures and explanatory work with people.


In particular, the importance of providing intensive control and service at the territory under the risk, as well as conducting explanatory work with formerly detained people was underlined.