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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

29.07.2021 | The RA Prosecutor's Office applied to the RA Police with a petition to introduce effective mechanisms to prevent theft of money of administrative fines collected from citizens

Within the framework of the criminal case investigated by the RA SIS under Point 1 of Part 3 of Art. 179 of the RA Criminal Code - Senior Inspector for Administrative Practice of the “Traffic Police” Service of the RA Police - V. Galstyan was charged under Point 1 of Part 3 of Art. 179 of the RA Criminal Code for the fact that by using his official position he appropriated another's property in an especially large scale.


It was found out that during 2019-2020 protocols, decisions on administrative offenses for traffic violations drawn up by Inspectors of the RT of the RA Police serving the administrative territory of Tumanyan of Lori region, payment receipts issued for the collection of a fine for traffic violations on the spot and amounts received from citizens in general - 7.128.500 AMD, in accordance with the established procedure were transferred to V. Galstyan. However, the latter did not enter protocols, decisions on administrative offenses and receipts for payment on the spot in the electronic register of the RP. Instead, he embezzled this amount in an especially large amount, by using it for personal needs.


V. Galstyan completely pleaded himself guilty for the charges brought against him, gave testimony and completely restored the damage caused. The criminal case with the indictment was sent to the Court of First Instance of General Jurisdiction of Lori region.


At the same time, during the preliminary investigation of the criminal case, it was found out that the proper registration of receipts for the payment of administrative fines and protocols on administrative offenses was not carried out in the corresponding divisions of the RA Police, essentially, this process was not controlled.


Thus, in the course of organizing the work, such mechanism was not provided which could exclude the above violations and abuses and would make it impossible not to establish the alleged crime.



Taking into account that the above violations found out in the works of the TP Service of the RA Police create favorable conditions for committing criminal acts, in such conditions there is a risk of violation of the rights of citizens who pay a fine and similar phenomena can presumably be present in other subdivisions of the TP Service, the RA Prosecutor General's Office submitted a petition to the RA Police in order to take measures to ensure strict registration of receipts for payment of fines, entry into the electronic register of the TP, payment of amounts to the bank in due time and development and implementation of effective mechanisms to control this process.