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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

03.07.2021 | 861 reports on electoral crimes, 60 criminal cases initiated, criminal prosecution against 66 people


The RA Prosecutor General's Office has summarized the outcomes of electoral violations during the whole period of the Early Elections of the RA National Assembly held on June 20, 2021 (including before the launching of official campaign, counting of the votes and the duration of recounting in some polling stations) as well as the reports regarding electoral offenses according to the data of 2 July 2021.



In addition, on 2 June, 861 reports and alerts of such nature were received. Out of them:



  • 269 – media publications,
  • 281 – reports received by natural entities, including received through the hotline of the RA Prosecutor General's Office,
  • 2 – received by the Office of Human Rights,
  • 106 – posts made by the citizens on the social networks,
  • 203 – operative data received from the police officers.


From the reports and alerts on criminal offences:


  • 264 - are related on giving electoral bribe (Article 154.2 of the RA Criminal Code),
  • 226 - hindrance to implementation of the right to elect (Article 149 of the RA Criminal Code),
  • 109 – voting more than once (Article 153 of the RA Criminal Code),
  • 75 - violence in the precinct center or in the area adjacent to its entrance (Article 149.1 of the RA Criminal Code),
  • 60 - breaching the confidentiality of ballot (Article 154 of the RA Criminal Code),
  • 14 -  falsification of the results of elections (Article 150 of the RA Criminal Code),
  • 13 – breach of the procedure for compilation of voters lists (Article 152 of the RA Criminal Code),
  • 9 - violence in the precinct center or in the area adjacent to its entrance (Article 149.2 of the RA Criminal Code),
  • 4 - theft of electoral documents or stamps or other documents (Article 154.7 of the RA Criminal Code),
  • 3 - obstructing the proxy, the member of the electoral commission, the observer or the representative of the mass media from getting acquainted with the electoral documents (Article 154.5 of the RA Criminal Code),
  • 84 – other (Willful destruction or spoilage of property (Article 185 of the RA Criminal Code), Presentation of false data on being an observer, Theft (Article 185 of the RA Criminal Code),


Regarding 490 reports on electoral crime allegations which were abstract and had general nature, were sent to the RA Police to undertake necessary verification measures. In the result of operative-investigative measures undertaken in regard with reports and alerts the mentioned information was not affirmed regarding 462 cases mentioned and they remained without consequence, on 28 reports verification measures are underway.


From the mentioned 861 messages 371 reports were sent for investigation or preliminary investigation with the instruction to prepare materials in the manner prescribed by Articles 180-181 of the RA Criminal Procedure Code.



As a result, on 270 cases, the initiation of criminal prosecution was refused, 41 cases are in the phase of preparation of materials.


Criminal cases have been initiated on 60 cases, out of which:


•   6 criminal cases were for giving and receiving bribe, electoral bribery mediation, including by a group of people with prior consent against two or more people,


  • 8 – damage and destruction of property related to posters of election campaign
  • 4 - forcing and hindering participation in electoral campaign including committed by a group of people,
  • 4 - hindrance to implementation of the right to elect, to the work of election commissions or to the implementation of the authority of the person participating in elections, including causing property damage or through financial incentive,
  • 4 - breaching the confidentiality of ballot,
  • 3 - voting more than once or instead of another person,
  • 2 – violence or threat of violence in the precinct center or in the area adjacent to its entrance
  • 2 – exceeding official authority with violence,
  • 1 – force 2 or more people to take part in elections, elect the party or alliance,
  • 1 - making false ballots and using them with prior consent with a group of people,
  • 1 – theft of the personal seal of the member of the precinct electoral commission,
  • 1 – entering the precinct center with firearms,
  • 1 – obstructing the journalist’s professional activity,
  • 1 – squandering in particularly large amount conditioned allegedly with criminal procedures not considered electoral but due to elections,
  • 1 – participation or refusal of participation in a meeting during the campaign through financial incentive.



Regarding the mentioned cases criminal prosecution was initiated against 66 people, out of them 65 have the status of accused, 1 has the status of suspect. Detention as a preventive means was chosen for 16 people.



7 people prosecuted for these case are Deputy Candidates from 4 political parties, 4 people from the “I have honor Alliance”, 1 from “Armenia Alliance, 1 from ”Prosperous Armenia Party”, 1 from “Rise Party”. Imprisonment was chosen as preventive means against 6 of them, regarding 1 person the RA Prosecutor’s Office submitted a mediation to the RA Central Electoral Commission.


Two people are wanted, one of them is a Deputy Candidate.



The preliminary investigation of 4 criminal cases is completed, out of them 2 cases are on giving bribe, 1 is on forcing several people to take part in elections, elect the party or alliance, and one on force to take part in campaign. Two from the mentioned cases on 2 people have been sent to court with indictment for further examination.