01.07.2021 | Speech by the RA Prosecutor General at the session dedicated to the Day of the Employee of the Prosecutor's Office

Dear Mr. Pashinyan!

Dear Colleagues


I am glad to welcome and congratulate you on this significant day for the prosecutor's office on the occasion of the 103rd anniversary of the creation of the system and the Day of the Prosecutor's Office Еmployee. This day is a bright event in the rich chronicle of our system, for which we have invested all our capabilities, professional and human potential, energy, in many cases, heart and soul. On this day, we summarize what has been done and what has not been done, omissions and achievements. However, today I do not want to concentrate on them. Not because we did not have achievements and omissions in the performance of our functions. As is typical for any strong system, of course we had them and based on our achievements we tried to correct the omissions, improve the criminal procedure practice, our tools in accordance with the requirements of the time and the development of legal thought.


However, the challenges that we all faced in the past year and whose cruel, bitter trail continues to haunt us even now, makes conversations about current work issues today secondary, makes us see and appreciate these irreplaceable professional, human, moral and volitional values, on whose pillars the Prosecutor's Office stood firmly, giving a new tone to 103-year history, affirming the proud reality of this system. Therefore, on this significant day for us, I want to say words of gratitude to my friend, my comrades in arms.


Dear Colleagues!


I want to thank each of you for the respectable fulfillment of your professional duty throughout the entire period of the spread of the coronavirus.It was not just a matter of organizing work, but an awareness of the need to avoid general violations of the procedural rights of many people and to ensure the continuity of criminal justice.


As the Prosecutor General and as an ordinary citizen of the Republic of Armenia, I express my gratitude to my colleagues who perceived the difficult war imposed on our people as a matter of national dignity, to our prosecutors who fought to the death with the soldiers in the hottest parts of Artsakh, who went to the front, even keeping it in secret from us and to those guys who defended the borders of Armenia with honor.


It is impossible not to appreciate the selfless work of the Military Prosecutor's Office, especially the prosecutors of our garrisons located in Artsakh throughout the war, who in inexpressibly difficult conditions, with constant forced displacement, under enemy fire, tirelessly continued to carry out their duties in their professional trenches.


We all adopted the trilateral declaration to end the war on November 9, 2020 with immeasurable sorrow.


In this difficult psychological state, when we were all humanly seized by the desperate pain of loss, these arbitrary qualities of self-control and coldness became a ray of confidence, which was shown by the Prosecutor's Office, together with our other state partner bodies, in demonstrating determination to resist internal socio-political unrest, restore law and order. Thank you for passing this difficult exam by simply accepting law and legality as the basis of your job duty. Certainly, for this a very high price was paid. The prosecutor rendering procedural decisions and publicly defending these decisions in court was subjected to the most cruel, sometimes evil insults and threats.


In the grip of publicly contradictory mood, a completely heartless toward them prosecutor was not often perceived, was unjustly aimed, and became the victim of hateful statements and behavior. The prosecutor making procedural decisions and publicly defending these decisions in court was subjected to the most cruel, sometimes insidious insults and threats. They played with the good reputation of the prosecutor, tried to influence the mood of the Prosecutor's Office staff by using various psychological methods, politicize them, and create the illusion of division of the Prosecutor's Office. In honor of hundreds of my colleagues who are absent and present here, the Prosecutor's Office did not succumb to these provocations, pressures, speculations, remaining at a high level of depoliticization, stability and independence in accordance with its constitutional status.


And I am proud and grateful to be part of such a state-centered system. I would like to thank my colleagues who have the mentality of a  fighter.


Today, in front of the public, a Prosecutor's Office is being formed, based on the concepts of functional independence and neutrality, as well as public accountability, which showed its best qualities in early parliamentary elections aimed at overcoming the post-war political crisis.


In the current tense internal political atmosphere, we, together with employees of other partner law enforcement agencies, have confidently assumed responsibility for ensuring the legality, transparency and regularity of early elections.


Political restraint, full protection of the free will of every citizen of the Republic of Armenia was a faith, a special mission of the Prosecutor's Office, which, by and large, has been and continues to be honorably fulfilled.


Numerous electoral episodes are, of course, still awaiting legal assessments. However, I am convinced that we will pass this stage with dignity, because the entire system of the Prosecutor's Office is the bearer of the belief I have mentioned with its exceptional stability and deep understanding of the significance of its role.


Dear Mr. Pashinyan,

Dear Colleagues


We will continue to replenish the staff of the Prosecutor's Office with professionally qualified specialists who fully comply with the requirements of competitive justice, while ensuring the attractiveness of the existing system and effective structures aimed at increasing the professional capacity of prosecutors, taking into account the individual needs of each.


We will spare no effort to meet the expectations of our society, both with regard to the day-to-day development of the quality and content of our traditional functions, and especially with regard to the confiscation of property of illicit origin.


At the heart of this belief is the individual contribution of each of you, the family-oriented feeling of care and compassion for the common cause and result that now prevails in our system.


Thank you for reaching this position together, for the call of duty. Thank you for the decency shown in your environment, in case of many for the modesty that forms the image of a real prosecutor of our time in society. The growing public confidence in the Prosecutor's Office is based on the fact that we see and feel the growing desire of citizens to cooperate with us.


Dear employees of the Prosecutor’s Office!


It is a great honor for us to serve our homeland and people in these difficult times. This is a great responsibility, honor and pride. Prosperity to your families, peace to our country for the benefit of our people and for the glory of our state.