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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

29.06.2021 | Numerous cases of illegal logging in Lake Arpi National Park. Motions were submitted by the Prosecutor of the Region

In the course of studying the cases of illegal logging at Shirak Region, Republic of Armenia it was found out that 7 files were prepared on illegal logging in “Lake Arpi National Park” SNCO at Ashotsk Division of Shirak Regional Department of the RA Police.


On all cases decisions were made on rejecting the initiation of criminal cases for corpus delicti, because in all cases the damage caused has not exceeded the minimum size foreseen by the criminal code.


The study of the materials show that these cases were recorded separately by the employees of “Lake Arpi National Park” SNCO, and the letters were sent separately.


Thought it would be better to report these cases summing up these cases. In the result of not showing proper approach the individual who committed illegal logging could avoid of criminal liability under Article 296 of the RA Criminal Code, and the cases were repeated.


Appropriate motions were sent by the Prosecutor of Shirak Region to the Minister of Environment, to the Head of Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection Body of the Republic of Armenia, to the Head of the Shirak Regional Department of RA Police.


In the scope of the motions the issues of preventing and detecting crimes, providing full day inspection and control, control over the enters and exits of the transport means, etc.


Besides, it was considered necessary to take active steps to eliminate the omissions and shortcomings of the “Lake Arpi National Park SNCO”, the Police officers in the performance of their duties, including disciplinary or other measures against those who committed serious violations.