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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

18.06.2021 | As of June 17, 231 messages of electoral crimes were received. 14 criminal cases were initiated

By the working group formed in the RA Prosecutor General's Office for the early elections to the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia scheduled for 20.07.2021 were summed up the interim results of electoral crimes, as well as alerts, reports and other criminal activities related to the election process.


In particular, as of 9:00 am of June 18, a total of 231 messages were received. 76 of them are media publications, 64 – messages provided by physical entities, including received by the hotline of the RA Prosecutor's Office, 52 - posts made by users on social networks, 39 - operative data received by police officers.


From the received messages and alerts regarding the criminal offenses:



  • 118 are related to giving and receiving bribery or mediation in bribery (Article 154.2 of the RA Criminal Code)
  • 44-hindrance to implementation of the right to vote (Article 149 of the RA Criminal Code)
  • 30- hindrance or forcing to take part in the election campaign (Article 149.1 of the RA Criminal Code)
  • 25- causing property damage related to election campaign (Article 185 of the RA Criminal Code)
  • 14- other (Article 177, 137, 118, 164 and 308 of the RA Criminal Code).


152 messages on alleged electoral violations, which were abstract in nature, were sent to the RA Police with a view to carry out the necessary verification actions. As a result of the carried out operative-investigative works, the information contained in 41 messages was not confirmed and by 111 the verification actions are still in process. 


From the 229 messages, 78 were sent to investigative or preliminary investigation bodies with a view to prepare materials in accordance with Articles 180-181 of the RA Criminal Procedure Code. As a result, by 16 of them a decision was made to refuse to initiate a criminal case, by 49 of them the process of preparing materials continues, and by 14 were initiated criminal cases.


In particular, from the criminal cases


  • 8- were initiated under Articles 154.2, 154.9, 34-154.2 of the RA Criminal Code, 
  • 2- under  149.1 of the RA Criminal Code, 
  • 1- under Point 1 and Point 2 of Part 2 of Article 149 of the RA Criminal Code. 
  • 3- are related to poster damage  under different Parts of Article 185 of the RA Criminal Code. 


From the mentioned criminal cases by 4, 13 persons were charged, 7 of whom for taking electoral bribes, 6 for attempting to give electoral bribes, 2 persons have the status of suspects, (one for receiving electoral bribes, one for forcing to take part in and obstructing to take part in the election campaign). 5 people were detained.


The RA Prosecutor General's Office also received 18 other letters related to the elections and the right to vote, which, however, did not contain information about the crime envisaged by the RA Criminal Code.


In connection with them were given clarifications, in some cases the letter was sent to the RA Central Electoral Commission for discussion.