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11.06.2021 | Preventive fight against burglaries in Lori region gives results

As a result of the operational-search measures taken by the employees of Taron Division of the RA Police, a criminal group of 4 persons engaged in burglary was found out. On the fact of the case, a criminal case was initiated under Point 1.1 of Part 3 of Art. 177 of the RA Criminal Code. The body of the preliminary investigation submitted a petition to the Court of General Jurisdiction of Lori region to choose detention as a measure of restraint in respect of the latter, which was approved.


The establishment of a criminal group is the result of the intensification of work on prevention of burglaries and identification of persons who have committed a crime on the territory of the region under the control of the Prosecutor's Office of Lori region, as well as execution of instructions by specific criminal cases given to the Police Department of Lori region and other subdivisions.


Taking into account the degree of public danger of burglaries, the investigators carrying out the proceedings were also instructed by specific criminal cases to ensure an effective investigation, inspect the scene of the incident, and establish, during the interrogation of people, descriptions of specific stolen things.


In addition to the above, from January to June 2021, 38 petitions were addressed to the community leaders of Lori region regarding the involvement in preventive measures against burglaries. By them was set a task to take active and effective measures.


The petitions were discussed with the participation of specific prosecutors, as a result of which, in particular in Vanadzor, 54 cameras were installed in the areas of intersections and other necessary places, and 171 coded locks on the entrance doors of buildings. The community is obliged to continue its work in the indicated directions.


The carried out measures have a positive impact during 2021 in the process of solving crimes. In particular, 49 burglaries were registered on the territory of the region during the specified period, charges were brought against 28 persons by criminal cases. In relation to 7, detention was chosen as a measure of restraint.


At the same time, in connection with the disclosure of crimes, the identification of criminals, in most cases, the study of the cameras was important. The latter are essential in connection with the disclosure of crimes of a different nature.